Presbyterian Women, Save the Date!
Join us to view:
PW Online Churchwide Gathering
Plenary Session | Bible Study Overviews | PW Programs | Worship

Thursday, August 5 | 3-5 p.m.
Come early for coffee and cake from 2-3 p.m.
Land Building (in person)
Livestreamed on the Presbyterian Women’s Facebook page

As our mission component, we ask that everyone bring school supplies to donate to the residents of Raintree Family Services.
Plenary Session: 
Irene Pak Lee, associate pastor at Stone Church in Willow Glen, California, will offer a keynote address

Horizons Bible Study Previews:
Hear directly from PW/Horizons Bible study authors, both present and future:
·      Merryl Blair, author of this year’s study What My Grandmothers Taught MeLearning from the Women in Matthew’s Genealogy of Jesus (2021–2022)
·      Carol Bechtel, author of next year’s study Celebrating SabbathAccepting God’s Gift of Rest and Delight (2022–2023)
·      Olive Mahabir, author of Sacred EncountersThe Power and Presence of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Luke (2023–2024 study)

PW Programs & Resources:
Learn about all that we, as Presbyterian Women, cherish and see messages of hope and thanks from individual Presbyterian Women, PW groups and PW’s ministry partners. 

During worship, Rev. Diane Moffet will preach, and Austin College will provide music. Communion will be celebrated as we Rejoice in Hope, newly confident in God’s promise to guide and support us and in our community that strengthens us.
About the PW’s Churchwide Gathering:
Held every three years, PW’s Churchwide Gathering is an convention-style event that celebrates and deepens your engagement in all that Presbyterian Women does. Participants enjoy workshops, tours, forums, resource gathering, inspiring speakers, worship and more. We will meet in person in 2024—stay tuned!
SCAPC’s PW is always well-represented at the Gathering!
To ask a question or to learn more please contact Beth Wren 504-261-1668