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Thank you for reading the DiscoverU newsletter! DiscoverU is an exciting week, from October 12-16, for students across Seattle and South King County to explore college and career options. Each week this newsletter will provide DiscoverU updates, including new resources, activities and communications supports. 


With your participation, students of all ages will have the opportunity to explore their futures and think about how education can help them reach their dreams.


Please email with any feedback or questions.

Thank you!!
-DiscoverU Team

DiscoverU Participant Spotlight

College Access Now
College Access Now (CAN) is a college access and completion program that helps low income students attend and graduate from college, many of whom are the first in their families to do so. In the 2014-15 academic year, CAN served 1,200 students, including 560 juniors and seniors at 6 Seattle public high schools, and over 650 students at colleges across Washington State and the country.
For the past two years, CAN has participated in DiscoverU, AmeriCorps and staff members have worn their college gear to represent the various institutions they have attended across the country!  Last year CAN AmeriCorps College Coaches at all six of their high school sites created posters for teachers to fill out and hang on their classroom doors during DiscoverU week.  These posters showcased which colleges teachers attended, their major/s and favorite college memory. When they distributed the posters, they included a letter to the teachers describing the purpose of the posters, which was to encourage dialogue between teachers and students about college and career options.
We've followed CAN's lead and developed a template door poster you can use during DiscoverU week. Teachers can post this and also decorate with logos and add additional categories. Getting teachers to share their college experiences is an excellent way to get students thinking about their postsecondary options!

The CAN crew!

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Activity of the Week
Decorating for DiscoverU
As the week of DiscoverU approaches, you can decorate your school or program space with images that promote college and career exploration and build awareness about DiscoverU. Gather college pennants and hang posters and brochures from community, technical and four-year colleges on the walls to showcase the variety of options available to students.

You may also want to get students involved in decorating! Here are few ideas:
  • College/Career Mural: Put up a large length of blank paper and have students draw pictures (or write words) about where they want to go to college or what they want to be when they grow up.
  • College/Career Door Decorating: Have each classroom "adopt" a college or career and decorate their classroom door with information about that particular college or career. Google "college door decorating" to see some awesome images of how impactful this can be!
  • Famous Figures Posters: Have students identify famous or successful figures and make posters of them that include their education pathway and job title. You might encourage them to focus on a particular industry like architecture or chemistry, have them research the inventors of products they use or have them identify leaders of famous companies they're familiar with.
Resource of the Week
DiscoverU Posters
Our popular DiscoverU posters are back and will continue to follow the theme of "It takes a lot of jobs to..." This year we have added posters that feature all of the jobs it takes to "prepare a meal," "travel by plane" and "browse the internet." These images look cool and make great conversation starters! You can find PDF versions of the posters on the Road Map to College website on the DiscoverU Educator's tab, then click on "Outreach Resources."

Printed posters will be delivered to school districts on Thursday, October 1. 

Other community partners participating in DiscoverU can pick up posters on Friday, October 2, 8am-2pm at the CCER office (1200 12th Ave. S., Suite 701, Seattle, WA 98144). If you would like to pick up some posters, please email Sara Siegel ( and we will make sure they are ready for you!

DiscoverU How-To
Participating in DiscoverU is easy! Just follow these 3 simple steps:
  1. Wear your college or career gear- Whether you wear a hat with your college's name or a T-shirt with your organization's logo, it's easy to show off your DiscoverU spirit!
  2. Discuss your education or career path with students- Students know you are an educator, librarian, mentor, coach or principal, but do they know how you got there? Talking to students about the education and jobs that led to your current career is an easy way to get them thinking about all of the possibilities in their futures.
  3. Lead a fun college or career exploration activity- Visit our activities and resources for sample lessons and ideas.
Sign the Pledge
Join the DiscoverU fun! To pledge your participation, visit the DiscoverU pledge page. To see who else has taken the DiscoverU pledge, visit our participants page
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