PANDAS Network Newsletter - April 2019
Agenda and Registration will be available the end of May
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Registration is now on for the online Children’s Health Summit 4: Preventing and Reversing Childhood Chronic Illness
PANDAS/PANS will be discussed on Day 3, Day 8 and Day 11

We've done it, again, and it's about time!
I am very excited to announce to you that the Children’s Health Summit 4 will be released May 13th-23rd , and I would love for you to be part of it! In response to the ever-growing need to address the rise in chronic illness in our children, the theme of this summit will be:

Preventing and Reversing Childhood Chronic Illness
As for autism, cancer, ADHD, GI distress, anxiety, depression, asthma, skin conditions, learning disabilities, and autoimmunity becoming the new normal for our kids? Um, I don't think so!

If you have never attended an online summit before, here is how it works:
Registration and attendance are FREE. Just enter your first name and valid email address, and you’re all set! You may already be registered as a member of my newsletter community, but just to be safe, register for free at .

At the time of the event from May 13th-23rd, you will receive one email per day with a link to that day’s event page where you will have access to the talks released on that day.

Each day you will have access to 5-6 talks on a specific group of topics.

Listen online from the comfort of your own home, car, work, while taking a walk, doing the dishes, making supper, changing the oil in your car...

Day 1 May 13
Intro to Childhood Chronic Illness
1. Carla Atherton: Coaching Your Family Into Health (interviewed by Heather Korbmacher)
2. Dr. Michelle Perro: What’s Making Our Children Sick?
3. Beth Lambert: Documenting Hope, The CHIRP Study, and the Role of Research in Root Cause Resolution
4. Josie Nelson: Cracking Tough Cases
5. Dr. Madiha Saeed: Heal and Reverse Chronic Disease in All Ages— Even on a Budget!

Day 2 May 14
Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Relationship
1. Carla Atherton: Healing Our Epidemic of Depression and Anxiety (interviewed by Detria Branch)
2. Carla Atherton: A New Generation of Addiction (interviewed by Dori Abbott)
3. Tommy Rosen: Beyond Addiction: Your Kids and The Great Inner War
4. Niki Gratrix: The Vital Importance of Emotional Health
5. Naomi Aldort: Transforming Parent-Child Relationships
6. Dr. Sandy Gluckman: Non-Inflammatory Parenting: The Missing Link in Healing Learning, Behavior, and Mood Challenges in Children

Day 3 May 15
Autoimmunity and Childhood Cancer
1. Carla Atherton: A Novel Approach to Type 1 Diabetes (interviewed by Sutton Healy)
2. Dr. Brandon Brock: The Role of Functional Neurology and Chiropractic in Brain Autoimmunity and Developmental Disorders
3. Dr. Tom O’Bryan: Take No Prisoners! Neurodegeneration, Reactivity, and Autoimmunity
4. Dr. Ayla Wilson: Identification and Treatment of PANDAS/PANS
5. Dr. Nasha Winters: Prevention Is the Only Cure: Taking on Childhood Cancer

Day 4 May 16
GI, Atopic, Allergy, and Asthma
1. Dr. Zach Bush: Reclaiming Health Through Earth and Soil
2. Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride: The Role of Gut Healing and the GAPS Diet in Childhood Chronic Illness
3. Dr. Kiran Krishnan: Deep Dive: The Microbiome at the Root of Your Child’s Health
4. Dr. Elisa Song: Allergy, Asthma, MAST Cell Activation, Histamine, and Reactivity
5. Dr. Jill Carnahan: Is Mold Making Your Family Sick?

Day 5 May 17
The Brain, Sensory Disorders, Autism, and ADHD
1. Dr. Phyllis Books: Dyslexia, ADHD, Allergies, and the Brain
2. Dr. Angela Knapp: Naturopathy, Neuro-sensory Challenges, and Down Syndrome
3. Patricia Lemer: Vision Issues in Autism and ADHD: More Than Meets the Eye
4. Dr. Andrea Libuti: How Mindfulness in Autism is the Key to Healing
5. Dr. Robert Melillo: Reconnecting Disconnected Kids
6. Sonia Story: 3 Keys to Overcoming Anxiety and Sensory Processing Issues

Day 6 May 18
1. Lloyd Burrell: How to Protect Your Kids from the Shocking Effects of Cell Phones and Similar Technologies
2. Dr. Victoria Dunckley: Is Screentime Damaging Your Child’s Brain?
3. Rachel Fresco: Botanical Support for Pathogenic Infection
4. Michael McEvoy: Epigenetics: Our Power Over Chronic Disease
5. Dr. Christine Schaffner: Could Retroviruses Be Fueling Your Child’s Chronic Illness?

Day 7 May 19
Causes Part 2
1. Stephanie Seneff: Glyphosate and the Environmental Chemical Assault with Devastating Consequences
2. Dr. Christopher Shade: Identifying and Detoxing Heavy Metals
3. Jeffrey Smith: GMO as THE Main Causal Factor for Human Chronic Conditions: An Indisputable Argument
4. Peter Sullivan: A Father’s Deep Dive Into EMFs to Recover His Son
5. Dr. Todd Watts: How Parasites Are Affecting Your Children
6. Reed Davis: A Simple Strategy for Chronic Illness

Day 8 May 20
Begnnings, Basics, and Prevention
1. Carla Atherton: Vitamin N, Creativity, Meditation, and Play (interviewed by Kirstie Gran)
2. Jason Prall: Ensuring Youngevity from Birth to Old Age
3. Ian Clark: Whole Body Remediation for Prevention, Healing, and Longevity
4. Maria Rickert-Hong: Brain Under Attack: PANS, PANDAS, Lyme, OCD & Anxiety
5. Cilla Whatcott: Exercising the Immune System to Create Real Immunity
6. Carla Atherton: Healthy Mama, Healthy Baby (interviewed by Courtney Homer)

Day 9 May 21
Elevating Our New Normal
1. Carla Atherton: Treating the Whole Child for Idiopathic Juvenile Arthritis and Other Chronic Childhood Illness (interviewed by Tiffany Thompson)
2. Tara Hunkin: Drinking From the Firehose: How to Overcome Overwhelm and Find the Right Treatments for Your Child
3. Tyler Lewis: Mapping a Healthier Future for Our Children
4. Anat Baniel: Moving Into Life
5. Heather Korbmacher: Managing Behavioural Symptoms in the Home and School Settings
6. Joel Salatin: Family Farms, Gardens, Cooking, and Connection: Returning to the Nature of Things

Day 10 May 22
Solutions, Whole Child Therapies, and Possibilities
1. Carla Atherton: Mindful Change (interviewed by Ita Teigman)
2. Lora Brady: Advanced TRS - A Safe and Effective Detox Method
3. Dr. Brett Brimhall: Nutrigenomics, Supplementation, and the NrF1 and NrF2 Pathways
4. Larry Doochin: The Healing Power of Human Sound
5. Kirk Gair DC: Can Lasers Help Improve Kids’ Brain Function, Sports Performance, and Overall Health?
6. Jess Sherman: Feeding Your Kids Without Losing Your Sanity

Day 11 May 23
Solutions, Whole Child Therapies, and Possibilities Part 2
1. Terri Hirning: Detoxification with the IonCleanse by AMD Footbath
2. Dr. Monica Scales and Dr. Maia Walton: Beyond the Basics: Advanced Interventions for Autism, PANS/PANDAS, ADHD, and Other Childhood Conditions
3. Heather Korbmacher: The Therapeutic Effects of Essential Oils
4. Kurt Woeller: Biomedical Treatments for Childhood Chronic Illness
5. Dr. Stuart Nunnally and Dr. Candice Owens: Holistic Dentistry: True Root Cause Resolution

Does your family need a health revolution? Let’s have it, then!

Register for the Children’s Health Summit 4: Preventing and Reversing Childhood Chronic Illness now!
Dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of children with PANDAS and PANS