Sunday, October 2, 2022
The primary work of the Transition Team has centered around helping Rev. Dawn Cooley acclimate to UTUUC and offering time last spring for the congregation to come to terms with our history.

An upcoming Transition Team priority is to organize and support efforts to assist the congregation in creating a relational covenant that the congregation can accept and adopt. To that end, the Team is working toward a congregation-wide Relational Covenant World Café.

Please save October 2 to join us after service and lunch to talk about our hopes and vision for how we relate to each other. What do we need from each other to thrive in community and what can we promise to others to help them thrive in turn? We look forward to you joining and sharing.

Children are familiar with creating covenants in their RE classes and are invited to participate, as well. We are hoping to achieve an open and honest conversation in a multigenerational setting for about 90 minutes. If your family would be better served through childcare, you can request care by sending an email to Please watch the E-Beacon for additional details.
Your Transition Team,
Marsha Borders, Glenn Brewer, Vera Dowell, Fran Knechel, Ian Morrison