May 2019

Dear Families of New Lower School Students,

On Thursday, September 5  and  Friday, September 6 , The Windward School is holding New Student Mornings at each campus that will include a student orientation, tour of the building, and standardized testing. All new students are expected to attend school on these mornings. Students will have an opportunity to meet their homeroom teachers, see their classrooms, and meet other new students in their grade prior to taking the Iowa Assessments. Since this is not an instructional day, students are not required to attend school in dress code. Snack will be provided.   

The Windward School administers the Iowa Assessments, which are nationally-normed standardized tests, to all students each year. These tests are aligned with the Common Core State Standards and enable us to monitor individual student progress in relation to the performance of students in mainstream schools. 

The Windward School uses the Iowa scores in conjunction with our own internal assessments to evaluate your child’s progress and plan for instruction. Decoding and spelling skills are evaluated using the Windward Coding Test, and classroom teachers conduct informal assessments throughout the year that provide essential information on your child’s daily performance. 

Unlike “high-stakes testing” which has been the focus of much attention in the media, Windward’s use of the Iowa tests is intentionally designed to be low stress and is considered just one measure of our students’ progress. No preparation is necessary, but on  September 5 and 6 , we recommend that students arrive to school after a good night’s sleep and a nutritious meal. 

Please mark your calendars to save these dates. More information about specific times for arrival and pick-up will be sent home in the coming months.

We are looking forward to welcoming all new students to Windward on September 5 and 6 in preparation for the first full day of school on Monday, September 9. 

Leslie Zuckerwise
Division Head
Manhattan Lower and Middle Schools
Alexis Pochna
Division Head
Westchester Lower School
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