Dear Division Colleagues, 
In the spirit of engagement, we encourage to you to participate in the following opportunities:  
Based on the positive feedback received from the DFA Open House in November, we have scheduled two more on Zoom: 
Each Open House provides an opportunity for Division colleagues to check in with each other and catch up on updates from the DFA leadership transition team: Gerry Elizondo, Luanna Putney and Kurt Schnier. More important, the Open Houses are opportunities for you to engage in purposeful dialogue with leaders and peers. 
NOTE: To participate in the Open House breakout rooms, make sure you are using the latest Zoom software. Download the latest Zoom update here. If you don't have the latest version, you won't be able to join breakout rooms. 
Please bookmark these dates. We look forward to seeing you! 
DFA Suggestion Box: If you have questions or ideas you'd like to be addressed at the DFA Open Houses, please share them here. All posts are anonymous.  
As announced by Chancellor Muñoz in a message to the university, we have started the process of creating UC Merced’s first-ever campus-wide strategic plan – a map that will guide us to 2030 and the university’s 25th year of operation. 
Toward that goal, Zoom meetings have been scheduled to give DFA staff an opportunity to express your ideas and thoughts about the Imagine 2030 initiative. Your contributions will: 
  • Help identify what will distinguish us as a research university and a UC campus 
  • Identify the high-level initiatives/strategies the campus will undertake to advance the goals 
  • Inform revisions to the goals 

 There are four meetings, with DFA units assigned to one of them. This will reduce the size of each 60-minute meeting and, combined with breakout sessions, make it easier for your voices to be heard. 

 If you are unable to attend a meeting, or if you come up with an idea after one, you can contribute directly at the strategic planning website. The site includes a place where staff can post their thoughts. All contributions are anonymous. 
In just 15 years, UC Merced has risen to national prominence for its success in student outcomes, particularly among first-generation students and those from underrepresented backgrounds. Imagine what we can accomplish in another 10 years. We urge you to join these meetings and share your ideas in support of our campus’s continued evolution. 
Take care and be well, 
Gerry Elizondo 
Assistant Vice Chancellor and DFA Chief of Staff  
Luanna Putney 
Associate Chancellor and Chief of Staff to the Chancellor 
Kurt Schnier 
Interim Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice Chancellor/Provost for Academic Planning and Budget