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Teachings on the

Prayer for Excellent Conduct

January 1, 2 and 8, 2022

10am - Noon and 2pm - 4pm PST

via Zoom

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Taught by Lama Drimed Lodro

Translation by Vanessa Kubota

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The practice of the six pāramitās, or the six perfections, is the heart of the Mahāyāna path. The final pāramitā, wisdom, can be divided into four components: aspiration, skillful means, power,

and timeless wisdom.

The Noble King of Prayers of Excellent Conduct (also known as Samantabhadra Wishing Prayer) is the heart of the

pāramitā of aspiration.

Buddha Śākyamuni gave the teaching of the Samantabhadra Wishing Prayer to urge practitioners to treat the great Bodhisattva Samantabhadra as a role model to emulate so their wishes

may be accomplished.

Please join us for these timeless and much needed teachings.

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