EPA Food Hierarchy
Did you know 40-50% of all food gets wasted and w asted food may represent as much as 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions?

Plisko Sustainable Solutions, LLC is partnering with Astrapto on a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) grant to reduce food waste in Baltimore’s hospitality sector . Results have been extremely positive to date -- properties in the WWF pilot program reduced food waste between 17% and 38%!

Based on the WWF's toolkit of resources , w e are:
  1. Connecting stakeholders who can assist venues in reducing and diverting food waste.
  2. Offering hands-on training and support (e.g. food waste audits and conservation interventions) for a select number of hotels.
  3. Creating a stakeholder resource list for hospitality venues.

If your company offers products or services that fit in this hierarchy and you would like to participate in the project, contact Joan . Example products and services may include: portion control and waste measurement in the kitchen; food digesters; food banks; composters; and/or waste haulers.