Paying for food helped keep a family together:
''My client was recently out of money and food.
Her children had been returned to her only a few weeks before.
She had worked so hard to turn her life around and had been doing very well, but then her hours were suddenly cut at her job.

She asked her social worker for help but was told that if she couldn't manage, maybe foster care would again be necessary.

We combed the local food banks, but they had limited supplies.
The mom's stress levels were going off the charts
and I was beginning to worry she might relapse.

The assistance you provided was a miracle in my client's eyes.
As soon as I got the approval, I went to the store, got the gift cards and delivered them within 2 hours. She then went straight to the market and stocked up on enough food to hold the family over for an entire week, until food stamps came through.

The amount of stress this removed from her was immeasurable.
As an added benefit, she felt seen, heard and supported.

Our clients often feel like nobody cares, but she now knows that someone does. Sometimes it’s the smallest acts that create the biggest waves of change. My sincerest thanks." Attorney
One Can Help is a 501(c)3.
We provide the missing resources
at-risk youth, foster children and underserved families urgently need to
remedy concerns, improve difficult lives and build brighter futures, across MA.

By providing individualized assistance quickly (usually in just 1 day) we can advance racial justice, improve equity and encourage better outcomes for vulnerable children and families involved with the juvenile courts or DCF.
from attorneys and social workers here.  ‌  
Meaningful access to JUSTICE requires RESOURCES.