UTLA Adult EducationJanuary 22, 2012
Save Adult Ed NOW Campaign begins!

The "Sleeping Giant" has been awakened!

 Adult Education programs have been wiped out in over 50 school districts in California alone, and now the LAUSD School Board has voted to possibly eliminate all funding for Adult Education beginning in the 2012-13 school year.

 Our students need Adult Education classes!

 The elimination of Adult Education would cut off hundreds of thousands of students from pathways to better jobs through basic skills education and career training, prevent immigrant parents from learning English so they can help their K-12 kids succeed in school, and block high school dropouts/pushouts from getting their GED/High School diplomas.


Outraged teachers, students and their allies throughout the community are organizing to pressure the School Board to reverse course.  What can you do?


At the Friday, January 20 meeting of the UTLA Adult Education Committee, we kicked off a multi-stage plan to fight back in defense of our programs.


Stage One 



Think "Miracle on 34th Street" when the lawyer had the Post Office deliver bags and bags of letters into the courtroom to prove the old man was really Santa. We want to deliver thousands of signatures from the community to the school board at their February 14 meeting (when they'll be taking a vote on the budget), to show the depth and breadth of community support for our programs.


Go to our new website:  saveadulted.org   


There you'll find the petition (it's available in several languages also). Download, print and distribute to your students, fellow teachers, neighbors, your church, any community group or meeting you can think of.  Collect signatures wherever you can.  Be creative.  The deadline is February 3 - instructions on returning the petitions are available on the website.   ANYONE can sign - (they should be 18, and they do NOT have to be a registered voter).



Van Nuys CAS teacher Allese Hartounian doesn't waste a minute as she collects signatures at  

Congressman Sherman's Town Hall meeting in Reseda on Saturday, January 21  


Store Signs 

We had 1,000 store front signs printed (see picture below) with the idea that students and teachers will ask stores and restaurants to display them in their window.  All the signs were distributed at the meeting, so see your school's chapter chair to get one.  Take a picture of the sign once it's placed and let us know the location of the sign.  Again, the idea is to show widespread community support for our programs.

L.A. Pizza Co. near UTLA  

L.A. Pizza Co. near Evans CAS displays first sign 


If you decide to sit this one out, it'll be good practice for  

what you might be doing come July 1 when Adult Education  

is possibly no longer offered in LAUSD.  

So...get on your feet!   

Get up and make it happen! 

"Big" UTLA has our back
It was our largest meeting in over twenty years.  150 teachers were in attendance at the Friday meeting of the Adult Ed Committee.  Also in attendance were UTLA President Warren Fletcher, Secondary Vice President Gregg Solkovits, Elementary Vice President Juan Ramirez and Treasurer Arlene Inouye.  David Lyell, Secretary, has supported us with resources to help set up the "Call the Board" campaign (more info on that to come).  Although not in attendance, Betty Forrester, AFT Vice President and MJ Roberts, NEA Vice President have been working on our behalf representing us at the negotiating table and in meetings with the district.

We are getting mountains of support from our K-12 colleagues, because they know an injury to one is an injury to all.  Several Area directors, like Jose Lara (Central) and Ingrid Villeda (South) are rounding up community support for our cause. Cheryl Ortega, Director Bilingual Ed, has sponsored a motion on our behalf to be introduced at the UTLA Board of Directors and House of Reps.

Stay Connected

The time to act is NOW.  Stay in touch with news and updates on our situation and actions to fight for our program.  Here's how:

UTLA Adult Ed Committee website:                    www.aeutla.net

SaveAdultEd Now campaign:                              http://saveadulted.org

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Thanks  There are many folks who are already doing yeoman's work because you believe in what you do.  On a personal note, I have been active on the Adult Ed Committee for about 20 years, and I have never before seen the energy and enthusiasm and spirit I witnessed Friday.  I am proud to be a member of the UTLA Adult Ed family.  This will not be a comprehensive list, (more in the coming weeks), but special thanks to those who turned out on a Friday night and most especially to Sean Abajian, who set up our new website and took the picture featured in the banner headline.  You rock.
UTLA Adult Ed Committee

Matthew Kogan, Chair                                   matthewkogan7@gmail.com
Natasha Urias, Vice Chair                              natasha.urias@gmail.com
Vaishie Ratzinger, Secretary                          vaishie@aol.com
Kenya Barbosa, Treasurer                               kenyamrt@yahoo.com
Julie Carson, Communications                       jacarson@socal.rr.com
Ernest Kettenring, Director                           ekettenring@gmail.com