Savings Through Association

The Value in Purchasing (ViP) Program is the only national group purchasing organization (GPO) endorsed by NACHC.

ViP is a partnership with Provista-Vizient, the largest GPO in the country. The program offers over 1 million items and services at discounted rates. Members access deep discounts on medical supplies, office supplies, and services. And VIPs partnership with Provista-Vizient provides sophisticated tools, resources, and support.

VIP Features:

  • Benefits of the largest GPO in America.

  • Discounts based on $100 billion purchasing volume.

  • Over 1 million items and services are under contract.

  • CHC-specific contracts.

  • No membership Fees.

  • No contractual obligation.

  • Ease of use and implementation.

  • Support of state, regional, and national associations.

To learn more about ViP or to enroll, click the link below.


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Want to learn more about how ViP can help save you money? To learn more about this special offer or to enroll in ViP, please contact: Rodrigo Peredo -, Alex Vactor - or Bob Piacine -