When we started down this road five years ago, familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) was invisible.  The FH Foundation, a partnership of patients and clinicians, set out to change that and give families a chance to prevent heart disease while we still have time. 
The FH Foundation is patient-centered, data-driven, and determined to find everyone with FH.  We will not rest until every person with FH has the opportunity to live a longer, healthier life. 
Here's what we are doing to drive change and support the FH Community. Thank you for all you do to help us move forward together.

FH Community
The FH Community is growing.   In 2016 the FH Foundation hosted FH Awareness Day, FH Family Forums, FH Advocates Training, and an FH Community Meeting at the FH Global Summit. Join us  and connect with others:

Access to Care
FH patients and their healthcare providers have to fight for access to FH treatments and struggle to pay for treatments that are approved. We are working to change that. The FH Foundation wants to hear from you so that we can advocate on behalf of the FH community. Take our  patient survey here. Learn where patients can go for help here:

CASCADE FH™ Registry
A longitudinal observational research study, the Registry is the only national database of FH patients in the US - over 4,000 patients and counting. Data demonstrates the urgent need for better FH diagnosis and treatment.  Join us and be counted!

Results from the CASCADE FH Registry have been published. Click below to view them.

Call us impatient. 90% of those with FH are undiagnosed. FIND FH uses machine-learning algorithms to  show healthcare providers who they might be missing. Search for FH in your zip code and learn more about FIND FH by clicking below. 

Understanding FH
This is a hopeful time for FH. Learn more by watching our FH Webinars:
  - FH and Heart Disease
  - Genetics of FH
  - Understanding FH Treatments
  - FH Treatments: What's in

Learn about clinical research opportunities for FH: 

ICD-10 Code
The FH Foundation applied for two distinct ICD-10 codes for FH to improve diagnosis and enable a public health approach to FH. 

Just two months after the ICD-10 codes for FH were approved, over 17,000 people received these diagnosis codes and that number is growing. Click below to read more about the ICD-10 code approval.

FH Global Summit 2017:
Welcome to Miami! 


2016 FH Global Summit
Translational Medicine in FH

Together, we can change the future so everyone born with FH can live a longer, healthier life.  

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