November 30, 2021


I want to start by saying, the severity of my addiction did not just happen overnight. Everyone has a different story and path to where they find themselves in the shambles of this terrible disease. 

At first glance, in my teenage years, from the outside looking in, you would see a regular high school kid. I played sports, had friends, and went to classes. The biggest choice I had to make was what I was going to be doing on the weekend. Experimenting with recreational drugs turned into heavy drug use by my mid-20s. The party was over. Even in my mid-20s one would see from the outside things were “normal”. I had a “big boy job” in the city of Philadelphia. What they didn’t know was that I had become addicted to heroin. After burning that to the ground I began a few years of IV use. Cocaine, heroin, pills, anything I could get I would take. I stole from my loved-ones and I lied to the people I cared about most. I couldn’t recognize the man in the mirror anymore. I caused my family sleepless nights. I hid paperwork from the hospital after overdoses. Nothing came first except the drugs.

I can reflect on this now, being 3.5 years sober. I have to pinch myself because it’s amazing how drastically my life has changed. It all started with Road2RecoveryCNY. My truth is that I had no insurance and no resources. Another 2-week stint at a state-run facility would just be delaying the inevitable.
The R2RCNY program didn’t only help me heal. It also helped my family. As an addict, I can slip into selfish thinking about what it’s done for me, but the support it has given my family is equally important.

All of this being said, NONE of this recovery would be possible without the help I, and my family, have received from people who have been generous by donating time and money to the mission of R2RCNY. This program has been built on the kindness of those who donate, and the need for help has never been greater.

Our mission is to save the lives of sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, friends, and everyone in between. I thank you for your support thus far and
ask that you consider donating, once again, to this important cause.

Thank you,
Tommy DeSocio, Alumnus

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