Bite-Size Blog #52 -- November 7, 2016

Actually, I meant...

Saving Money 
and Losing Weight

    J. Morris Hicks
Saving money is really easy when eating 3Leaf or 4Leaf meals in nice restaurants. With an average entrée price of $25 in our favorite places to eat, we follow the following steps when deciding what to order:
  1. We scan the menu checking out the side dishes and also looking at the veggies & starches that come with various entrées. 
  2. We tell the waiter that we're on a restricted diet and would prefer to have no meat, dairy, egg or fish in our meal and that it be prepared with little or no oil.
  3. We order one large plate of whole, plant-based food with 2/3 of plate being veggies and 1/3 being starches--with a little whole grain bread on the side.
  4. When we tell the waiter that we're going to share all of the above, he/she usually offers to split it for us in the kitchen.
The result is usually a very healthy meal that is NOT listed on the menu, but averages less than $15. 

Compute the savings. Compared to ordering two entrées at $25 each, we figure we're saving about $35 every time we eat out. AND we love eating this way.

As for losing weight.  Yes, here are my two rules for easy and permanent weight-loss:
  1. Make sure that all of your routine meals (those that you eat at least once a week, particularly breakfast) are 4Leaf meals with well over 80% of the calories from whole plants.
  2. Whether eating out or at home, plan your meal such that 2/3 of your plate is whole veggies or fruit and 1/3 of your plate is starches like grains, legumes or potatoes.

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