Bite-Size Blog #44 -- J. Morris Hicks

Slashing the cost of healthcare 
in the organization where you work

    J. Morris Hicks
The cost of healthcare is a HUGE problem for all organizations, whether for profit, charitable or government. For an organization of 10,000 people, the "employer paid" portion of the annual healthcare costs approaches $100 million. But there is a proven way to substantially reduce those expenses.

All you need to do is influence your company's CEO to get serious about helping all employees and their families learn to eat a truly health-promoting, whole food, plant-based diet.

How do you do that? If you are not the CEO of your organization, then you should schedule a meeting with that person to discuss this critical topic. I will be happy to join you in that meeting, during which I will stress the crucial importance of the CEO leadership of the initiative. As I state below, without active participation from the top executive, the likelihood of success is much less, as stated here:

The degree of success for this kind  of project (influencing the change of personal eating habits) is directly proportional to the strength of leadership  from the top executive in the organization--the CEO, the president, the mayor or the governor. If it's not important to the CEO, it will not be important to the other senior executives and it is unlikely that it will succeed.

First Step. Take a close look at this one-page document and then review it with your CEO.  4Leaf Corporate Wellness one-pager. If you'd like to discuss with me first, then kindly send an email to schedule a call: Please know that I am prepared to make promoting health in your organization my #1 priority for as long as it takes.
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The Bottom Line : Truly promoting health enables an enterprise to lower costs, reduce prices and gain market share--powerful reasons why it must be sponsored and led by the CEO.

Finally, your CEO will like this closing: "As the first wave of pioneering CEOs begins to take advantage of the host of benefits that come from a healthier workforce, companies who don't undertake similar initiatives will have trouble competing with those who do." -- J. Morris Hicks 

PS: Traditional corporate wellness programs simply do not work. For a comprehensive description of this kind of revolutionary health promotion initiative, click here

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