Bite-Size Blog #43 -- J. Morris Hicks

As a "big picture" guy, I always strive to my case in one page or less.

    J. Morris Hicks
Call it the K.I.S.S. Principle. "Keep it simple stupid." During my 40-year business career, I always strived to make complex things as simple as possible. As such, I always thought that if you couldn't state your case on one page or less that people would have trouble understanding it.

Here are three examples:

My one-page story  This one-pager describes how I transformed my business career into a focus on finding the right leadership that could promote health, hope and harmony on planet Earth.

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Corporate Wellness
4Leaf Corporate Wellness. If every CEO in America would read and heed this one-page document, I believe that we could shave at least a trillion dollars off our nation's cost of healthcare within five years. 

One-Page Recipe for Saving our Ecosystem Here, I am talking about the most important topic in the history of humanity--our food choices in the 21st century. This document is a one-page guide for realizing the vision set forth below:

My Vision for Returning to Harmony on Earth 

As people everywhere begin to learn the whole truth about their food choices, millions will start replacing most, if not all, of their animal-based calories with healthier and "greener," plant-based alternatives. As we begin working on the "demand" side of the equation, markets will quickly respond, people will begin getting healthier, the cost of healthcare will plummet, water will become more plentiful, trees can be planted on the freed-up land and our fragile ecosystem will begin to heal.
Eventually, we must also deal with overpopulation, over-consumption and the excessive burning of fossil fuels--but those tasks will take many decades, if not centuries. Taking URGENT action NOW with our food choices can buy us the time we need to address them all. 

Forget colonizing other planets. The future of our species depends on learning how to live in harmony with nature on mother Earth. 

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