Savings-Led Working Group Newsletter
July - September 2018
Annual Meeting of the Savings Led-Working Group: October 1

Join us for the annual meeting of the SLWG from 1:30-6:00 pm on Member Day at the
Meeting Agenda

The economics of resilience: Savings Groups in marginalized environments
  • Thuli Chapa, Somalia Resilience Program (SomReP)
  • Courtenay Cabot Venton

Women’s empowerment through Savings Groups: Designing tools for results measurement
  • Amalia Johnsson (Nathan Associates)

Savings Groups and the role of government:
Findings from a state of practice review
  • Fiona Jarden (CARE International)

A risk assessment of Savings Groups: Implications for facilitating agencies
  • Ashley Wheaton (SEEP Network)
  • Marc Bavois (Catholic Relief Services)
  • Courtney O’Connell (World Relief)

SLWG learning agenda and annual workplan
  • Eloisa Devietti (SEEP Network)
  • Ashley Wheaton (SEEP Network)

Contact SLWG co-facilitator, Eloisa Devietti with any questions.
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Congratulations to Eric Kinman from The Solidarity Foundation on winning a complimentary registration to a SEEP Conference!

Thank you to the nearly 300 respondents who took the time to complete the recent survey on stakeholder perceptions of the quality and outcomes of SEEP knowledge products and learning events related to Savings Groups.
Learn with SEEP: Resource Spotlight

Savings Count: Trends in Access, Use and the Ecosystem of Savings in Sub-Saharan Africa
The consistent use of financial services can help the world’s poorest people better manage risks, step out of poverty and build a better life. There is strong evidence that savings are an essential part of this package. This 2018 report provides a comprehensive account of the state of access to and use of savings in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Based on a detailed review of current literature and data, the key message of this report is that savings should be promoted more prominently and more explicitly within the broader financial inclusion agenda.

Commercial Relationships between Savings Groups and Financial Service Providers: Considerations in Developing a Business Model for Linkages
Over the last decade, there has been a proliferation of initiatives to expand access to formal financial services in underserved markets through Savings Groups. Initiatives to link Savings Groups with financial service providers have resulted in improved access to finance for SG populations as well as new markets and increased deposits for financial institutions. Several challenges remain, however, before these efforts can reach scale.

What We’re Working On

Savings Groups Technology Toolkit (September 2018)
The Savings Groups Technology Toolkit is a digital catalog of the leading and emerging technologies in the sector. These tools include management information systems, mobile applications, information and communications technology, and other audio-visual tools – and facilitate a wide range of activities such as group mobilization and training, digital recordkeeping, electronic transactions, monitoring and results measurement, and access to financial and non-financial services.

Join us for the webinar, Savings Groups in the Digital Age and official launch of the toolkit on September 6!

Savings Evidence Map (September 2018)
The Savings Evidence Map Synthesis Report, published by Itad earlier this year, summarizes the existing evidence related to savings-based financial inclusion initiatives. In collaboration with SEEP, Itad is currently developing a digital version of the evidence map – enabling stakeholders to more effectively navigate the body of evidence and access resources – which will be maintained on the Mango Tree.

State of Practice: Savings Groups and the Dynamics of Inclusion (October 2018)
The State of Practice report provides a comprehensive overview of the participation of vulnerable populations in Savings Groups, barriers and enablers of inclusion, and approaches and tools to increase and measure the outreach of SGs to vulnerable populations. The report will be released at the SEEP Member Lunch on October 1, at the SEEP Annual Conference

A Risk Assessment of Savings Groups (October 2018)
The risk assessment identifies and assesses the negative outcomes associated with participation in Savings Groups. This evidence-based assessment – based on a survey of nearly 1,600 Savings Groups and key informants in Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Rwanda and Tanzania – aims to inform the development of targeted consumer protection initiatives for Savings Groups. Join the research team – SEEP, the Aga Khan Foundation, Catholic Relief Services and World Relief – at the SLWG annual meeting on October 1 for a discussion of the findings and their implications for Facilitating Agencies.

State of Practice: Savings Groups and the Role of Government (November 2018)
The report catalogs and describes the interventions of national governments in Sub-Saharan Africa related to Savings Groups. Through a desk review, key informant interviews, a call for contributions and various sessions at SG2018, SEEP has identified 64 government initiatives related to Savings Groups, across 17 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. These initiatives are wide ranging and relate to national economic and gender strategies, quality standards, stakeholder coordination, social protection programs and regulation/registration. Join the authors - CARE International and Itad - for a discussion of the findings at the SLWG annual meeting on October 1.

Evidence and Learning Grant: The Long-Term Outcomes of Savings Groups
(April 2019)
SEEP is delighted to announce that the evidence and learning grant on the long-term outcomes of Savings Groups has been awarded to Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA). IPA will examine the post-project financial performance, institutional performance, evolution and institutional relationships of Savings Groups in targeted areas of Ghana, Malawi and Tanzania.  
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By Chris Prottas (The Water Trust)

By Amy Ibold (Mercy Corps) and
Anna James
Upcoming Events

August 22 | Learning Event | Cape Town, South Africa | SaveAct and FinMark Trust

August 27 – November 9 | Course | Online | The Carsey School of Public Policy

August 27 | Learning Event | Johannesburg, South Africa | SaveAct and FinMark Trust

September 6 | Webinar | The SEEP Network

October 1-3 | Conference | Arlington, VA | The SEEP Network

October 4 | Post-Conference Event | Arlington, VA | CARE International

October 4 | Post-Conference Event | Arlington, VA | The SEEP Network