Dear Saxe Families,

What a year! We made it!! As we near the end of what has certainly been a most unusual school year, we would like to begin by thanking our fearless leader Dave Gusitsch for keeping us all moving forward and our kids in school. Dave’s infectious smile and positive attitude were exactly what Saxe needed this year. He kept the school running smoothly and, more importantly, the kids happy! Dave truly models the 5 “Cs'' that are the hallmarks of Saxe Middle School-”Celebrating Our Community through Commitment, Caring and Communication.” No one cares more about the kids and their well being than Dave. No one is more committed to making Saxe the inclusive, safe and fun learning community that it is than Dave. And no one loves to celebrate the entire Saxe community more than Dave even during a pandemic! Just reading the Saxe Weekly each week you can see what a special place Saxe Middle School is because of the learning environment that he has helped to foster over the last three years. Dave is a true gem and we are so lucky to have him as our principal!  

We hope our current 8th graders take this sense of community with them as they leave Saxe. Over the next two weeks, the PTC will sponsor a number of promotion celebrations for our “graduating” class, which will commemorate the students’ time together at Saxe and hopefully provide them with lasting memories of their middle school years. Congratulations to the Saxe School Class of 2021. We will miss you and wish you all the best in high school! Onward!  

We will also miss the Executive Board Members who are stepping down from their respective PTC roles after two years. Our heartfelt thanks to Patty Zoccolillo, Meg Saunders, Laura Prior, Leah Kittredge, Neely Leslie, Julie O’Brien Deasy, Lesley Cousley and Laura Vellante for their commitment and dedication. You have immeasurably enriched the education and well-being of our students, both inside and outside the classroom, and we are forever grateful for your efforts.

We would also like to thank our PTC volunteers who have donated countless hours to our various events this past year as well as to the parents who donated once again so generously to our Celebrate SAXE campaign. Together we have built a community we’re proud to be a part of. Enjoy the summer with your family and friends! 

Gratefully yours,
Jenny Volanakis & Patty Zoccolillo 
Saxe PTC Co-Presidents