Karamu Centers Can Now Go Paperless with eForms
Say Goodbye to Paper CACFP Enrollments and Income Applications!
Karamu now offers eForms, a free service which provides the ability for parents to complete CACFP child enrollments and income eligibility applications electronically. The process is simple, secure, and requires absolutely no paperwork. All you need is an e-mail address for the parents of the children in your care OR a computer, tablet or mobile device in the childcare facility that parents can use to electronically approve and sign forms while onsite.
eForms is offered free of charge to Karamu sponsored childcare homes and centers. If you are interested in going paperless with eForms, please e-mail us at karamu@karamu.org and request eForms access. Be sure to include your name, KNP number, and center name in the e-mail. Once access is granted, log into your Karamu provided Minute Menu account. On your dashboard, click the button for eForms.

For more information on eForms please click to view the eForms Start-up Guide . You can also click here to view a short eForms training video .
Not Using Kidkare Already?!
Many of you are accustomed to using the desktop version of Minute Menu that requires you to be anchored to a computer. Minute Menu now offers KidKare for child care centers. KidKare, like Minute Menu, is free to all Karamu sponsored child care centers. However, unlike Minute Menu, KidKare can be used to manage your food program from any computer, tablet, iPhone, iPAD, or Android device. KidKare provides most of the functions you are accustomed to using in Minute Menu. If you want the flexibility of managing your food program without being tied to a desktop computer, then log into KidKare today at app.kidkare.com using the same username and password you use for Minute Menu.
If you have never used our free online service, then now is the time. Go online to KidKare today and see what you've been missing. Just contact us for your username and password.

Be sure to checkout the KidKare training video links provided below.
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