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July, 2020 | In this issue...
Take off!
Be smart, choose Strate!
Hop to it!
All aboard!
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Grill Phil
Take off!

It’s time for you to take off with our Peerless offering.

When you need reliability and unequalled performance in your pumps.

Cougar are the only contact in the UK for Peerless Pumps, and spares.

This month, we introduce to you one of the most extensive product ranges for process and industry applications.

·          Vertical turbine
·          Self-priming
·          Sump pump
·          Horizontal split case
·          End suction
·          In-line
·          Boiler feed
·          Packaged systems
Whatever your application, Cougar is your dedicated supplier for pumps, parts and service.

Phil Provides Practically Perfect Peerless Pumps.
Be smart, choose Strate!

Cougar are Strate’s contact in the UK and have a dedicated email address for all your Strate enquiries and orders.

Strate offer a surface-mounted sewage pump station unique in its method of separating solids from liquid waste.

· Floor mounted
· No odour
· Sealed system
· No need for a sump or earthworks
· No ragging or jamming of the pumps due to solids
If you want to know more, let us demonstrate the benefits of this unique system.

Suitable for homes, hospitals, hotels and hamlets!

Hop to it!

Like almost every other liquid (think about the many pastes, gels, soups, cosmetics, paints, fuels, and more!) beer goes through a pump, and sometimes several, before you get to drink it.

As a foodstuff, beer is also a super place for bacteria to breed and to ensure your perfect pint, or litre, your brewer handles their product with great care.

Whether yours is a micro-brewery, a large independent, or part of a multi-national, you are all using pumps. For pumping the practically perfect pint, we’ve always got a solution.

We recently had a call from one of our brewery customers for a replacement multistage pump. Urgently needed for production, their new pump was in and running the next day. Which meant that their lovely customers got their beer!

Essential services, excellent delivery - we certainly hopped to it.

All aboard!
If you are responsible for ship maintenance, loading and un-loading, or dockside services, we know the challenges you face in getting the right equipment to the correct place, and on time!
We work with companies such as P&O, Gibdock, Thome Ship Management, and many others helping them with their needs for pumps and spares.
Pumps for services on board ship, dockside liquids handling, reverse osmosis (RO), pumping waste, oils for fuel or cargo.

You name it, we can supply, service and repair it, and get it to the right port, on time.
Go on. Give us a call.
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Grill Phil!
“Phil, which pump manufacturer do you think is the best?"

There is no straight forward answer to this.

Each pump manufacturer makes a different range of products.

Due to their own history, and also the industry that they originally made for (steel, water, sewage etc) each manufacturers’ catalogue is very different.

The one feature that is generally true, is that today there are no really bad manufacturers left.
When Cougar was first in business you could find dodgy product entering the market, but most of those type of operations cannot last with current legislation and enforced standards.

The one piece of advice I would offer is not to expect any manufacturer to have all of the answers. They are all limited in that they can only offer what they have.

Be prepared to research a little and if you want a broader view of the market have a talk with an independent outlet, such as Cougar, where the advice is more about what is best for you than what is in any given catalogue.
Just some of the applications we can help YOU with...
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