Say goodbye to your razor!
Feb / March 2018
Razors, depilatory waxing, hair removal creams… there comes a time where one grows tired of using these methods to get rid of unwanted hair. But what if we could just say goodbye to these hairs for good? What if there was a permanent solution?
Imagine the joy of not having to worry about needing to shave at the last minute, in a state of panic, because you forgot to do it the night before!
The Figurra Institute offers laser hair removal services using three different types of technology. The choice of treatment or combination of treatments depends on the area affected, the size of the area, and the patient’s hair and skin type.
Since a person’s hair follicles are not all in the same stages of growth at the same time, a number of treatments are needed in order to break each hair follicle on the area of the body being treated. Even if you notice less hair growing back after each treatment, a few months are required to obtain the desired results. 
Contact us today for a personalized evaluation! The sooner you start the treatment, the faster you’ll be able to forget about that unwanted hair once and for all!
Pro-Derm Dermafiline Body Cream
Dermafiline Body Cream by Pro-Derm improves the appearance of cellulite. It has firming, moisturizing and exfoliating properties.

Price $70.95
Offer: With the purchase of a Dermafiline Cream, receive a StemYouth Anti-Fatigue Tissue Mask as a special gift.
(value of $17.95)
Vivier Vitamin C Scrub
This revitalizing, pharmaceutical-grade face and body scrub gently removes dead skin cells, refining skin texture, leaving skin soft, toned and invigorated

Price $25.95
Offer: With the purchase of a Vitamin C Scrub, receive a travel size Vivier CE Peptides Serum, as a special gift.
(value of $20)
Olivier soaps
Handmade Olivier Soaps contain the finest olive oil and other pure ingredients to create an extraodinary experience for your body. They are an essential part for healthier skin. My Baby soap, Calendula soap, Unscented soap and Vitamin E + Carrot soap are really good choices for you.

Offer: With the purchase of any Olivier soap, receive one Figurra Lip Balm as a special gift. (value of $5.95)
With vacationing down south and the summer rapidly approaching, it's time to stock up on amazing suncreens. Protect yourself from the sun's UV rays for a healthier skin. Sunscreens highlighted this month include the following brands : Elta-MD, SkinCeuticals, Obagi, Viver, Pro-Derm and Alumier MD.

Offer: With the purchase of a sunscreen, receive a 45% rebate off a second sunscreen bottle of equal or lesser value.
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Promotional prices are in effect until March 31st, 2018. Products are subject to availability while supplies last. 
Specials cannot be combined with any other offer. No cash value. Sunscreen promotion includes : EltaMD : UV Daily SPF 40, UV Clear SPF 46, UV Physical SPF 41, UV Defense SPF 45 / AlumierMD : Sheer Hydratation SPF 40, Clear Shield SPF 42, Moisture Matte SPF 40 / SkinCeuticals : Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50, Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50, Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 / Pro-Derm : Day cream SPF 20, Daytime fluid SPF 30 , Mineral free powders SPF 5 0 / Vivier : Moisturizing day cream SPF 15 / Obagi : Healthy Skin Protection SPF 50
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