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By Dr. Neale
Why do we so often default
to holding our tongue?
Is it best? Or is it just protocol? Maybe it's so at days-end we can look back and say we didn't ruffle any feathers and feel okay about who we are. "I'm a nice person," we might say before drifting into sleep.

I'd wager that holding it in means holding onto it. What good does that do? I'd argue that what we end up holding in and onto is...
Butternut, Sage, & Chicken Casserole!
The hardest part is cutting the gourd.
After that, it's easy peasy.
Check it out. Great recipe for a big family of picky eaters.
HEY, nuPartner in health...she's been wanting to introduce each of you to each of you for so long! Join Dr. Neale for her first ever workshop on transparent communication.

  • Practice sayin' it like it is.
  • Explore your limiting beliefs.
  • Learn what's keeping you from braving your truths.

Full disclosure (and really, practicing what she preaches and sayin' it like it is): "This concept, of a "workshop," has been somewhat haunting me for awhile. I've avoided hosting events I think because I am avoiding truly coming out, as I am, as me." Click image right to read more.
Seriously, have you tried this...?
Mayo that tastes like our Gold Standard of all Mayos - Hellmans! BUT it is functional and provides healthy omega fats. A complete meal has animal or plant protein, a healthy fat, and carbohydrate from vegetables.

We've seen it at Thrive Market. Check it out! If you haven't heard of Thrive Market, it is an online market that brings organic non-GMO brands to your doorstep. It's a "game changer" as Dr. Neale likes to call it.