September, 4 2014

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Beyond Nuclear and partners warn of worsening cracking in Davis-Besse reactor containment
Beyond Nuclear and its environmental coalition partners are warning that the severe cracking of the concrete Shield Building at the Davis-Besse reactor is growing significantly worse. The groups have filed another contention in an on-going effort to prevent the proposed 20-year license extension of the problem-plagued reactor that sits on the NW Ohio shore of Lake Erie. More

Families who were living in Fukushima Prefecture during the nuclear disaster are suing the government for failing to take sufficient steps to protect children from radiation exposure during the initial stages of the Fukushima crisis. Among the 88 plaintiffs are 24 children still attending school in the prefecture. Children are particularly vulnerable to radiation exposure. The lawsuit implies that exposure to radiation against their will -- and due to government incompetence -- is enough to allow families compensation since their risk of contracting certain diseases has been increased. More


Help stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump!
As of August 25, 117 resolutions have been passed across multiple states and provinces calling to block the burial of radioactive wastes on the shore of Lake Huron. You can support the ban by signing the petition, already 68,000 strong. Sign here. And read more about hearings and testimonies and to view the powerful ad in the Toronto Star.

As our stories this week illustrate, the dangers posed by the continued operation of nuclear power plants, and the radioactive waste risks they generate, are too enormous to accept. And, as our name suggests, at Beyond Nuclear we believe in -- and strongly advocate for -- the swift implementation of renewable energy, energy efficiency  and conservation measures. To keep up to date with our work, please visit our Home Page, or click on the Facebook and Twitter icons below. And please consider supporting us with a tax-deductible donation. 
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