It's Staff Appreciation Week
3 Ways to Say Thank You!

Our teachers and staff at Leigh are amazing, and have gone above and beyond to support and care for our students during this time of distance learning. We share below a few simple ways in which you can show your appreciation.

Our teachers are now seeing their students on a screen instead of being with them in class, often while caring for their own children or dealing with limited wifi access. They have shifted their lessons, learned new technology, and become creative in engaging their students. We are so grateful to them for their devotion and dedication always, but most especially now.

We are also so very grateful to all of the staff who have kept our school functioning, many of whom come to campus every day. Our custodians have been on the front lines of disinfecting all the spaces used to distribute 130 meals to our community daily. Classified staff pack meals and do various needed projects. Aides pack meals and attend classes to support students. Counselors have done home visits, called students to help them stay motivated, held 504 meetings, and supported students as they figure out their college & career paths. Our Assistant Principals, Athletic Director and Activities Director distribute meals and work to keep our community connected. Many of these staff members come to Leigh despite having babies and/or family members who live with them who are considered high risk.

And last, but by no means least, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our principal, Mrs. Butler, who is holding everything and everyone together with such grace and a whole lot of creativity and fortitude.

Please join us as we show our appreciation for everything our teachers and staff do for our Leigh community!

Here are a few ideas...

#1 Send an email

We all know how lovely it is to receive a note of appreciation in our inbox! When you have a few minutes, send an email to your child's teachers and to staff members you want to thank. You can do this from your SchoolLoop account. You can also email directly from your personal email account. Staff emails are typically the <first letter of first name><last name> For example, Ms. Celeste Smiley's email is Teachers and Staff names are listed on the school website and you can also send emails directly to teachers and staff from this page.

#2 Write a thank you card

Put pen to paper and send a hand written note. Mail your card to Leigh High School so that it arrives on or before Friday, May 29th. Liza, our wonderful Principal's Secretary, in the front office has very graciously offered to sort cards and distribute to teachers and staff during the first week of June. Make sure to include the recipient's name on the envelope. If sending a card to our teacher Ms. Smiley or our custodian Mr Ramirez, for example, here is what you would put on the envelope...

Mr. Smith, Teacher,
C/O Leigh High School,
5210 Leigh Ave,
San Jose,
CA 95124

Mr. Ramirez, Custodian,
C/O Leigh High School,
5210 Leigh Ave,
San Jose,
CA 95124
#3 Send a gift card

If you would like to show our teachers and staff some additional love, send them a giftcard! You can mail a giftcard to Leigh, just like you would send a card in #2 above. Or you can email an e-giftcard using a teacher/staff school email address. Here are some of our teacher's and staff's favorite places to shop and eat...

Order online from these stores.

Send an e-gift card by email, or print and mail, or have gift card mailed to you or directly to school (include teacher name)

Milohas Colombian Empanadas (order online, they will mail gift card)

Blue Rock BBQ (email only)

Sports Basement (email only)

Order from these stores in person by phone, email or visiting store.

Order and pick up a gift card or have one mailed to you. Online ordering not available at these locations.

Blvd Coffee (call to order gift card and do curbside pick up)

Los Gatos Cafe (call 8am-1pm or email They will mail gift card to you or directly to teacher at Leigh.)

Mooyah (call to order, go to store to pick up)

Cup and Saucer (call to order - pick up at cafe, or they can mail gift card to you or directly to teacher at Leigh)

Patxi's Pizza (order/pick up in-store)

Lou's Restaurant (order/pick up in-store)