River Cities Central Office
Manager entering into Retirement
If you have not heard, the manager of River Cities Central Office is retiring. Retirement is a life event that can come with mix emotions: smiles and tears, excitement and uncertainty, and a job full of memories. Liz H has been in our community for sometime. Please stop by and wish her luck in this new journey of her life.

My wish for Liz is she can stay young at heart, kind in spirit and enjoy retirement living. Retirement is different because there is NO routine. Hoping this last month of work is a blessing for her.

Logo Design Contest
for 32nd River Cities Roundup
on January 6-8, 2022
Central Office/Intergroup
Nomination for the Board of Supervisors
Ballots have been collected and there will be elections in June for the new Board of Supervisors. Groups should have their intergroup rep attend the June 14, 2021 meeting at Central Office for an opportunity to vote.
603 Marina Blvd, Bullhead City, AZ Time 6:30 pm
Grapevine Quote
"I am responsible for reporting for duty and making the effort to overcome the adversity, and in so doing to overcome myself.

-May 27, 2021 AA Grapevine
Help Wanted
District 09-903 is looking for a Recording Secretary. If you are interested in doing service work please come to the meeting at 603 Marina Blvd, Bullhead City AZ on the 3rd Monday of the month at 6:00 pm

Founders Day Celebration

June 12th, 2021
4:00pm Speaker Dale K

Chaparral Golf & Country Club
1260 Mohave Dr.
Bullhead City

Hot Dog, Chips and Soda $8

Building a Solid Foundation
Find out how AA works!
June 19, 2021 from 3:30 to 5:30pm
833 Hancock Road, Bullhead City, AZ

  • Hot dog and all the trimmings provided
  • Water provided
  • Salads or desserts are welcome!!!
  • Special guest speaker Jeff B
  • Break into groups

25th Annual WISH Retreat
Women In Spiritual Healing
Hualapai Mountain Park, Kingman, AZ
October 8-10, 2021

Lodging is limited to 40 registrations

The History of Grapevine
Did you know the Grapevine mirrors the Fellowship by publishing members' stories of recovery from alcoholism in print, audio, apps and online? It was started by a group of six volunteers in June 1944 as a newsletter for AA's in the New York City area. Bill W. and the editors soon saw that it had a broader potential for unifying widespread groups and letting the public know about the program. Bill called for a magazine that "reflects, as accurately as possible, The Voice of all AA." The groups liked it and called it, the "Meeting in Print."
-Taken from The A.A. Service Manual S89

The Nature of the Magazine
When Grapevine was a year old, Bill W. told readers, "We of the Grapevine once more affirm that this is your periodical. I will be the vehicle for your thoughts, your feelings, your experiences and your aspirations - if you care to make it that.

As a basic editorial statement, those words still hold true. The Steps, Traditions, and Concepts are the magazines, and Grapevine articles articulate these unchanging principles through the current experiences and informed opinions of individual members/writers.
-Taken from The A.A. Service Manual S90
List of Groups & 7th Traditions Year to date 2021
  • Big Book Study Workshop $50.00
  • 3 Legacies Group $25.00
  • Drunken Donuts Group $160.00
  • Freedom & Joy Group $100.00
  • Candy Meeting Group $40.00
  • Couples in Sobriety Group $160.00
  • Top of The Hill Group $200.00 plus Faithful Fiver $105
  • Meadview Group
  • Four Horsemen Group $304.20
  • Bullhead Women's Group $73.00
  • Friday Nite Live Group
  • Golden Slippers $98.00
  • Laughlin Group $350.00
  • Good AS IT GETS
  • Friends of Bill W $150.00
  • Emotional Sobriety
  • Back to Basics Group
  • Marina Group $1550.00
  • Share Group $88.00
  • Sun Group $1200,00
  • Sober on the Mount Group $100.00
  • Up the River without a Paddle
  • Patio Group
  • Pass it On Group
  • Cone Mtn Newcomer Group $80.00
  • Surrender Group
  • Sunday Nite 12X12 Group $79.20
  • Wed Nite Men's Stag Group $175.00
  • Needles Desert Group $100.00
  • Tuesday and Thursday 10am-3pm
  • Wednesday 10am-6:30pm

We're looking for more volunteers to extend the office hours and days.
Central Office Activity
Recap of May 2021
  • Here
  • Phones Calls in office Total: 74; 2 "12 steps", 31 informational, 22 other, 19 Voicemail
  • Virtual Phone Calls: 104; 42 in BHC, 62 LHC
Meetings at Central Office:
  • Intergroup Meeting Second Monday @ 6:30 PM
  • Dist. 09-903 Business Meeting 3rd Monday @ 6:00 PM
  • River Roundup 3 Saturday of the Month @ 9:30 AM