Saying Goodbye to Hannah, Student Intern
Hannah Glaser who has been a well-appreciated intern at The Dignity Center since the fall of 2021, will be leaving this week to continue to pursue her master’s degree in Social Work at St Mary’s University. Hannah came to The Dignity Center with a background in Fine Arts and Theater from Macalester College and became involved with the Twin cities Coop Partners as a cheese monger for several years before returning to graduate school.
Hannah chose The Dignity Center for this internship because she wanted to work one on one with individuals needing assistance in a reciprocal environment, which she found at The Dignity Center. She likes the informality at the Center, being thrown into forming relationships, helping to assist them with a wide array of issues. This will give her valuable experience for the future as she pursues her social work career, as well as being a satisfying endeavor in itself.
The Dignity Center’s concentrated focus on emergency rental assistance and other transitional housing issues confirmed Hannah’s desire to work with adults with social or mental health issues experienced by some of The Dignity Center’s clients while also “validated my desire to help people having a hard time.”
The Dignity Center has helped her gain a “really good base knowledge of the relationship that vulnerable people have with the county and state,” as well as confronting her own biases and preconceptions, and that working with the clients has assisted her in developing the skill of appropriate boundary setting.  She feels that The Dignity Center provides a “peaceful, welcoming place where people can just be” and feel that Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church has given both she and the clients space to and opportunity to grow. 
The Dignity Center Advisory Board
Interested in helping lead The Dignity Center into a new phase? We are forming an advisory board for The Dignity Center, and looking for people to join! Here are some of the skills we are seeking out: advocacy, finance, fundraising, legal, marketing/communications, and strategic planning. Please contact Sarah Doebler, Development Director, for more information at Thank you!
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