Casitas Laquita Resort
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It is with happiness and sadness that the time has come to say goodbye DEAR GUESTS. Casitas Laquita has closed its doors after 18 wonderful years. Thank you for your support and love. We will miss you all as we start a new chapter in our lives, retirement. Casitas Laquita has now become Gypsy Rose. The gypsies will continue to keep the feminine spirit alive. Below is a special invitation to all of you from the new owner, Gabbi Rose. She wants you to join her tribe and is offering you a very special invitation to do so. We do hope that you will take advantage of the offer and see what the gypsy life is all about!
Thanks for the unforgettable memories.
Joanna and Denise

Gabbi Rose,  Founder  
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From the Gypsies:
On behalf of our new tribe, we wish to welcome you back to Casitas Laquita's whenever your spirit calls. Granted, we will be doing things a little differently. For some of you, you could choose to view this as the end of a longtime haven for you and your Lesbian tribe. For those of you who are curious, we invite you delve into the unknown, and come and experience the Gypsy life.
We are women, and so we share in your frustrations regarding equality and personal freedom. Although we view you as a Sisterhood, we understand only a fraction of the needs of your specific tribe. We know that you like the Pool; the quiet; and each other's company. You have met new friends, connected with old ones, and enjoyed the safety and security these walls have provided for over 18 years. Although our business will welcome Gypsies from across the spectrum of human sexuality, we will continue to honor your needs as Sisters with these two unique offerings:
Our calendar will block certain weeks as "Lesbian Only". During these weeks, we wish to recreate the Casitas Laquita's resort as a "Pop-Up" for your exclusive use. We will be able to schedule these events after the New year, and will keep you informed via e mail. If you would like to host any Lesbian Only events here, we are happy to accommodate. 
1) Dinah Shore will be a hopping' week for us, and we would like to give you each early registration opportunities to celebrate with us.
2) Our experience is yours to share, and as our historical legacy we will welcome you any time after our launch with a lifetime 20% discount on your stay with us. This code will allow you to book at any time directly through our website (it will not be honored on sites such as Trip Advisor). 
If you decide that you would like to come visit in the future, please allow us to register your name and give you a unique discount code for your use. Simply send an e mail to to enroll in our newsletter before December 8th.