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February 26, 2021
Here are some fun features and events you can find on the NJV HUB Village website (northjerseyvillages.org)

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Don’t Be Fooled: “Protecting Yourself in the Retail World”
Wednesday, March 3 at 1:30 join Investigators Denis Niland and Guests

Zoom Link: Meeting ID: 851 4539 8866 Passcode: 960682

March 3rd    Protecting Yourself in the Retail World
                         What I need to know about gift cards, buying furniture, price gouging & more
March 31st  Protecting Yourself When Planning Home Improvement
                        Checking on contractor, their registration, and what should be in a contract
April 28th     Protecting Yourself When Buying & Repairing Vehicles
                         What I need to know about Lemon Law, warranties, new vs. pre-owned vehicles

Available on YouTube:
Scams & Frauds, Staying Alert…
                              What are the latest scams? How do I protect myself?

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Wednesday March 10th at 1:30
Maggie Wolarik, Yoga Instructor & Violinist

Maggie combines her talents to help you relax and energize with chair yoga.
When not combining her passion for music with yoga skills at local classes,
you might find Maggie playing in a rock band or with an orchestra.

Zoom Link: Meeting ID: 831 4862 6460, Passcode: 873643

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TRIVIA now a regular feature on NJV website
Congratulations to Karen who won the Valentine Trivia
and received a $10 gift card!
Presidential Fun Facts” is the current holiday trivia…
St Patrick's Day trivia coming next...
  • Take the trivia challenge on any day or at any time of day
  • Compare scores with friends, kids & grandkids who take the challenge at htpps://northjerseyvillages.org
  • Prize(s) awarded for most correct answers (Participants can do each new challenge once)
  • Answers will include links to more information about some of the trivia
  • A new challenge will appear approximately every 2 weeks
  • Winner(s) to be announced March 3rd for “Presidential Fun Facts” trivia challenge.

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  • Encourage your community to send a calendar of events to link on the NJV website!

Stay Healthy & Stay Connected!
                                                         Kathy Kuzma
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