Scam Email Alert
Scammers are busy this New Year, and we have again received reports that a number of people in the SWCA Synod territory have received an email purporting to be from Bishop Finck.

This email is NOT from Bishop Finck or any other staff member, and does not originate from a legitimate SWCA Synod or ELCA email address, which would end in or No one on the synod staff will ever email you asking for you to send money, gift cards, perform "some tasks" for them, click a link to learn more, or include a vague message asking for a "favor" and for you to respond immediately. Please do not respond to such emails; instead delete and block them. 

Religious groups have become easy targets for these types of scams, which take advantage of people's generosity, and ELCA synods and congregations across the country have seen a marked increase in such attempts over the past few years. 

AGAIN, do not click on a link, send money or gift cards, or provide checking account or credit card information in response to ANY emailed solicitation from ANYBODY without checking with a trusted source. 

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