Scam Alerts and Tips - April 1, 2021
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We hope this message finds you well! The Community Foundation is now sending twice monthly Scam Alerts and Tips to protect our community.
COVID-19 Vaccine Scams
As more people in our community get COVID-19 vaccines, it is important to be aware of vaccine scams and misinformation.

Justice Department Warns About Fake Post-Vaccine Survey Scams

Scammers are asking people to complete vaccine surveys to win a prize:

"The messages claim that the consumers need to only pay shipping and handling fees to receive their prize. Victims provide their credit card information and are charged for shipping and handling fees, but never receive the promised prize. Victims also are exposing their personally identifiable information (PII) to scammers, thereby increasing the probability of identity theft."

Be very cautious if you are asked to send money or share personal information to receive a prize.

Unlawful Sales of Fake Vaccination Cards

Fraudulent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) cards are being sold on a variety of online platforms. Nevada Attorney General Aaron D. Ford joined a bipartisan coalition of 45 attorney generals to raise concerns about the public health risks of fake cards:

"Legitimate vaccination cards are given by providers when they administer the vaccine. Individuals who buy fake cards can have their own information added to the card or add it in themselves, so it appears they have been vaccinated when they have not. These deceptive cards threaten the health of our communities; delay our ability to protect from the virus; and violate many state laws."

Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker
Charity Scam Reported in Reno

A resident of 89509 recently reported a fake charity:

"I received a message... soliciting donations for a charity called Homeless Black Trans Women Fund, the same name as a very large and successful GoFundMe campaign. The website lists a tax id number associated with an LLC based out of Florida, Bene Solutions, LLC. Bene Solutions, LLC (tax ID number: 37-1911484) was voluntarily dissolved in August of 2020, and the listed reason was that an imposter opened a fictitious account and started a fundraising scam."

Remember, fake charities will often pressure you into donating right away or will refuse to share information about the organization's mission and background.

Read more tips on how to protect yourself from charity scams at:

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