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I've been seeing a rise in scam attempts over the last couple of years. Check out the article below for the most common ones. I was visiting an older friend when he got a Grandpa scam call. I listened in, and it was pretty convincing! There should be an Academy Award category for these people, followed by an arrest warrant. Don't ever give out your personal data or account numbers. When in doubt, hang up the phone, delete the email, or give me a call.

Market Commentary: Real Estate and Other Question Marks
Unless you completely ignore your investment accounts, it's impossible to miss the rocketing rise in U.S. stock funds. Researchers suggest you temper your expectations going forward. There's no reason to fear, but markets will likely be a bit bumpier and ultimately pretty flat.

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Anyone at any age can fall prey to a financial scam, but schemes involving older adults, particularly women, are on the rise. Here's how to stop scammers in their tracks.

Millions of Americans were forced into early retirement during the pandemic. What does the future hold for them?

COVID-related economic hardships have been uneven, with worse outcomes for women, people of color, and lower-income workers. The retirement gap may be bigger than ever before.

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