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(May 2015 Issue)
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Identity Theft Resource Center Breach Report Hits Record High in 2014 - ITRC Report (01/12/15) Data breaches in U.S. hit a record high of 783 in 2014. This is a 27.5% increase over 2013's reported breaches and represents an average of 15 breaches a week. "Consumers need to be aware of the risk of exposure to personal identifying information in order to understand the threat posed by this growing list of data breach incidents," said Eva Velasquez, Pres. of ITRC. She went on, "Continuing a 3 year trend, breaches in Medical Healthcare topped the list with 42.5 % of breaches identified in 2014."

Alarming and Exponential Raise in Successful Attacks at Big Box Retailers -IDT911, Adam Levin, Chairman - "FBI estimates more than 1,000 retailers are under assault with the same versions of malware that compromised Target and Home Depot. Therefore, it is incumbent on consumers to be their own best guardian by controlling what personal information they make available to minimize risk of exposure, monitoring their accounts daily so they know as quickly as possible they have an issue." Levin continued, "Without a doubt, 2015 will see more massive takedowns, hacks, and exposure of sensitive personal information like we have witnessed in years past." Levin explained that cyber thieves look for opportunistic financial gain based on black market value, corporate extortion and cyber terrorism.

Minor Children's SSN's Vulnerable - FTC Literature - Scammers will use SSN issued to children because they can start with clean slate and go unnoticed for years. It is recommended to put a freeze on minor children's SSN's with all three credit bureaus for minor children until it becomes necessary to have them activated.

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