November 15, 2019
Join the Town Council and School Board Communication Committees for the final 2019 quarterly Round Table Discussion on Tuesday, November 19 at 2:00 pm in Council Chamber B at the Town Hall.

Thank You for Your Service Angelo Mazzone!
Larissa Crockett, Assistant Town Manager
Angelo Mazzone currently serves as the Town of Scarborough Harbor Master. He retired from the Scarborough Police Department to care for his aging parents in 2002 as Captain, a position we know title Deputy Chief of Operations. His police career started, however, as an Army Specialist stationed at West Point from 1979 - 1982. 

Angelo wanted to learn to be a police officer and at the time he saw the US Army as the best program available. His 3-years as part of the Garrison Unit and Honor Guard at West Point included attending 186 funerals. These services were for West Point graduates, the spouses of West Point Graduates and any military funerals within a 60-mile radius of West Point.

Angelo was also part of a special security team that provided escort and protection to visiting members of the US Congress as well as to foreign dignitaries. One of his most memorable experiences in this role was as escort to the Iran hostages that arrived at West Point following their release. The nearby Hotel Thayer was emptied and used as the reunification site for the returning hostages and their families. Angelo and his fellow security team members escorted the 52 men and women who had been held in Iran for 444 days from Stewart Air Base in Newburgh, NY to West Point through streets lined with over 400,000 people welcoming them home.

Angelo is proud of his service and felt called to join in part because of his family. "I'm first generation in this country and my father came from a country where they weren't free. A lot of us take all of this for granted. I never took this for granted growing up because I grew up with someone who said, 'This isn't everywhere in the world, this is just the United States'" 

Angelo likes to see people honoring veterans by attending the parades and honor services that take place on Veterans Day. 

Thank you to Angelo and to all of our community's veterans for your service!

Aging in Place Safely
Rich C. Kindelan, Deputy Chief-EMS, Fire Department
Like many communities in Maine, Scarborough has an ever increasing population that is aging in place. Many reading this are themselves, or have loved ones that are facing the day to day challenges of remaining independent. Have you ever considered what you would do if you had a medical emergency while home alone? As an individual with aging parents, you can rest assured I have been focused on helping them prepare for any such events. A couple ways to accomplish this is to be sure there is a consistent way for you or your loved one to access 911, and conversely a way for 911 (First Responders) to gain access when they arrive. In this article, we will talk about some possible solutions.
Home Emergency Medical Alert Activation Systems
If you're considering such a system, which should you choose? The wide variety of features, service options, and fees can make it challenging to figure out what's best for you. Also, you might wonder whether you can simply rely on the technology you already have, such as a smartphone? This could be risky because it's unlikely that you have your smartphone with you all the times. How many of us get up from a chair and leave it there. If you don't have an emergency response system on your body that is going to stay on your body, you could be at risk. 
And if you're considering a digital assistant such as Amazon's Alexa, for this purpose, note that it may not have all the features you need. For example, Alexa and Google Home can dial landline and mobile phone numbers. But right now, neither can call 911. All medical alerts can dial 911 and family members.
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Silver Bullet Containers Moving to Public Works
Jami Fitch, Sustainability Coordinator
As of December 2, 2019, recycling and food waste collection will be moved to Scarborough Public Works at 20 Washington Avenue. The current location on Bessey School Drive will no longer be used.

Public Works made the decision to move the containers to a location that is more easily monitored and maintained by staff.  Dealing with excessive illegal dumping at the site has cost the Town nearly $10,000 since July 2019. Three other recycling drop off locations in Scarborough have also closed in the past 10 months due to illegal dumping.

Community recycling containers and food waste collection is provided as a service to Scarborough residents. The facilities are not intended for commercial use, and proper recycling is required. Only items listed on ecomaine-approved recycling lists  and noted in ecomaine's Recyclopedia  should be placed in the recycling containers. To continue to have this service, we all need to do our part to recycle correctly.

Knox Boxes for Our Community
Captain Jim Butler, Fire Inspector/Commercial Code Enforcement Officer
The Scarborough Fire Department is pleased to announce our continued partnership with Scarborough Ace Hardware to provide the residential Knox HomeBoxes program for our community.
The Knox Company developed a residential key box program as a companion to their long-standing and very successful commercial key box program for businesses. Installing a key box on your home and providing the fire department with access to a key, allows firefighters and EMS professionals to gain entry to your home using your key. This also prevents damage to doors or windows from us forcing entry when a patient can't come to the door. Knox HomeBoxes make our responder's job easier by providing rapid access to the home so we can provide quick and efficient emergency response.

We have a limited amount of boxes that may be purchased at a discounted rate for residents or that may not otherwise be able purchase one. For more information please contact Captain Butler of the Scarborough Fire Department at 207-730-4051.

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Leona Oceania, Public Works
Photo credit: Joyce Alden
Autumn has officially arrived! As the trees shed their leaves, (helped significantly by the recent windstorm) there has been a lot of fall clean up going on around town. 

We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that placing your leaves and other yard waste into the Town's right of way and roadways is not allowed. Alternate options for leaf and yard waste disposal are as follows:
  • Community Recycling Center: located at 8 Runway Road, Scarborough. The Community Recycling Center will take the leaves and grass clippings of Scarborough residents at no charge. There will be a nominal fee for the disposal of brush and woody vegetation. Their hours are Tuesday - Saturday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. They also take a wide variety of others items that cannot be disposed of via curbside trash/recycling pick up. If you have questions, please contact them directly at 207.885.9093, or call us here at Public Works: 207.730.4400. You can also view a list of what they accept by clicking here.
  • Broadturn Farm: located at 388 Broadturn Road, Scarborough. Broadturn Farm will accept leaves. Since they use these leaves to mulch and use on the farm, it is important that leaves are not left in plastic bags, and do not include sticks, limbs, or garbage/trash. 
Autumn also means that winter is on its way. In Maine, this means snow. To best prepare for the inevitable road clearing and treatment, all residents should remove any personal property from the roadway and within 10 feet of the road. This would include: basketball hoops, portable storage units, etc.

Questions? Contact us by email  or by phone, 207.730.4400. 

The Camden Conference 
Catherine Morrison, Scarborough Public Library
Will traditional media survive, and in what form? How can journalists and the public discern what is misinformation, disinformation, or distortion? How is technology shaping the flow of information and how it is used? The Scarborough Public Library will partner with the Camden Conference for a sixth year to explore these timely topics through a series of original programs exploring the 2020 conference theme, THE MEDIA REVOLUTION: CHANGING THE WORLD.

The Role of Social Media in the Arab Spring
Kathleen Howard Sutherland, Associate Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University
Sunday, November 17, 2019 at 2:00 pm
Sutherland will discuss the various forms of media that were used across the Middle East to promote political action on the streets against authoritarian regimes, including the video posted by a young Egyptian woman that cut across classes and sectors of society to help spark a remarkable mass uprising.
The Return of the Moguls: How Jeff Bezos and John Henry Are  Remaking Newspapers for the Twenty-First Century
Dan Kennedy, Nationally Recognized Media Commentator
Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 6:30 pm
The fate of newspapers, whether in print or online, matters to democracy. Despite the battering they have taken during the past several decades, they remain crucial for holding government and other large institutions to account. Kennedy will explore how the iron core of accountability journalism might be preserved through his examination of a new breed of wealthy newspaper publishers.

All events at the Library are free and open to the public. For additional information, visit the Camden Conference Series page on the Library's website

Unity Week at Scarborough Middle School
Kelly Johnston, Scarborough Public Schools
During the week of October 21, Scarborough Middle School students participated in Unity Week.  The purpose of the week, surrounding National Unity Day on October 23, was to come together in a planned way to address bullying.  The pledge students take highlights the intended outcomes well, : I pledge to Speak up when I see bullying, Reach Out to Others who have been bullied, and Be a Friend whenever I see bullying.

The week kicked off with an assembly on Monday, wherein students wore school colors and participated in a variety of activities: stand ups and shout outs to different groups students might belong to, team-building events, and time as one student body to show a general sense of belonging.   

Students also showed their school spirit and commitment to the cause in lots of ways throughout the week.  Tuesday was "Put Bullying to Bed" Day, wherein students got to wear pajamas to school. A sea of orange was visible on Wednesday when students were invited to wear that color on the official Unity Day.  Thursday students participated in "Team Up to End Bullying" by wearing team or club sportswear. The week wrapped up on Friday with "charity Day", wherein students were invited to wear something from a charity event they have been part of or to donate a non-perishable item for a local charity organization.    Students from each crew (advisory group) also signed giant puzzle pieces for their teams, each in the shape of letters - S M S - each letter broken into 3 parts, one for each team, to further a sense of unity throughout the school.  

As the pictures depict, students definitely enjoyed the week! 

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