April 15, 2020
A COVID-19 Message
Rich Kindelan, Deputy Fire Chief

Public Safety COVID-19 Update | April 15, 2020
Public Safety COVID-19 Update | April 15, 2020

Councilor's Corner: Staying Engaged
Betsy Gleysteen, Town Councilor
Town Council COVID-19 Update | April 15, 2020
Town Council COVID-19 Update | April 15, 2020

Adapting to COVID-19 to Ensure Your Safety
Joseph Thornton, Lead Dispatcher, Emergency Communications
What should you expect if you call 911 for medical related calls?
Under direction and guidance from the Maine Emergency Medical Service, the communications center has begun screening all 911 medical calls for signs and symptoms of potential COVID-19 infection. Callers will be asked a series of questions about the patient's exposure to other potential COVID-19 cases, as well as a series of questions regarding symptoms to include fever and potential respiratory illness. 
The public should be aware that these steps are necessary to protect our first responders. Limiting exposure to COVID-19 for first responders is critically important to ensure the uninterrupted level of care offered by the public safety agencies in the communities the Communications Center serves. The public should also be aware that regardless of the answers to these questions, they will receive the same level of care that is of the highest standard.  This screening simply will give the responders advanced notice, so that they may take the precautions necessary by wearing personal protective equipment to limit exposure. Additionally, members of the public should be comforted in knowing that along with the same level of care, the same urgency and timely service will continue from your public safety agencies, and this temporary screening process in no way will delay care to the patient.  
We are all adapting to the ever-changing effects of the pandemic. We are rising to the challenge, with our overall mission at our core to provide accurate and rapid processing of
emergency and routine calls for service that is reliable, proficient support for field unit
operations. Our mission is to provide superior services, which will enhance quality of life and foster positive relations with the public that we serve.

A Story of HOPE
Robbie Moulton, Police Chief
Sometimes life is like a puzzle and it is hard to visualize what the end product will look like unless of course you cheat and look at the box. But in life, there is no box so as you view the individual pieces, while some may seem important, like a border or integral part, each piece has its own function and without all of the pieces placed together, one cannot really appreciate the beauty of the final picture.

Last week, I got to enjoy the beauty of a real-life puzzle when standing before me was a young man named Nick. Let me tell you about some of the pieces of the puzzle.
In November of 2015, the Scarborough Police Department launched Operation HOPE in an attempt to help individuals who were struggling with substance use disorder (SUD). The program was geared in particular for those caught up in the opioid epidemic that was ravaging our state and country with an alarming death rate.
At about the same time we were getting ready to start construction on our new public safety facility. The town hired the local firm of Landry French to construct the building.
A few weeks ago, I noticed a couple of men, working in the new building. They were wearing yellow safety vests emblazoned with the MaineWorks logo. I knew MaineWorks to be an organization run by a wonderful woman named Margo Walsh. Margo recognized that people who have a history of substance use and/or criminal convictions, have a very difficult time finding meaningful employment. She started MaineWorks as a means of partnering with companies that are willing to give people a second chance.
Last week I happened to be leaving the building at the same time as one of the men wearing the MaineWorks vest. I had seen him for the past few days working very hard and putting in some long hours. I told him that I had noticed the vest and asked if he was working with Margo. 

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Large Item Disposal Options for Residents
Leona Oceania, Public Works
As many of you know, the Community Recycling Center on Runway Road in Scarborough has been, and continues to be, closed due to Coronavirus precautionary measures. We realize that this is particularly inconvenient; since many are taking advantage of the time at home to do some "spring cleaning" as well as projects they may have been putting off for a time. Either of which often results in large amounts or large items to dispose of.

Thankfully, the Riverside Recycling Center located at 910 Riverside Street in Portland is open and available to Scarborough residents. They are open Monday through Saturday from 7:30 am - 3:30 PM. The folks at Riverside Recycling Center are currently unable to assist you in unloading bulky/heavy items (COVID-19 precautions). So please either make sure you can unload your items yourself, or bring a fellow-household-quarantine-member to assist you. For more information, please either visit their website or call them at 207.797.6200

Another option for Scarborough residents is the Westbrook Transfer Station, located at 594 County Road in Westbrook. They are currently open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, as well as Saturdays from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm. For more information, please visit their website.

Please be aware that in these uncertain times, it is always possible that information may change. As always, if you have questions, please contact us by email or 207.730.4400. The Public Works administrative staff is currently working remotely, but we are still available to help!

Stay safe, healthy, and sane!

Assessing Inspections Continue
Emily Behn, Assessing Assistant
During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town of Scarborough Assessing Department is trying to perform our duties while following current safety and social distancing measures.

Nick Cloutier
Gray Honda Civic

As part of our operations, the Assessing Department conducts annual inspections on various properties, focusing primarily on new construction. These inspections are conducted by the Assessor, Nicholas Cloutier, and the Deputy Assessor, Sue Russo. Because of the current situation, these will be drive-by inspections. The inspectors' pictures and vehicle information is also available on the Assessing Department webpage.
Sue Russo
Gray Honda CR-V

Also, please note that Governor Mills issued an extension of the filing deadlines for various Exemptions, including the Homestead Exemption. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email or leave a voicemail at our office number at (207) 730-4063. We will respond as soon as we are able.

National Telecommunicator Week & PSB Move In
B. Michael Thurlow, Fire Chief
Each year, the second full week of April is dedicated to the men and women who serve as public safety telecommunicators. This year we honor the often unsung heroes of public safety, our dispatchers, during the week of April 12-18. Every emergency that a police officer or firefighter responds to either starts with, or is handled by, one of our public safety dispatchers. They are truly on the front line, and are generally the first person a citizen deals with during a crisis.

Scarborough is very fortunate to be one of only 24 Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) in the State of Maine. This means that when a 911 call comes in for the town of Scarborough, it generally is routed directly to us, without the additional step of being transferred from another agency. There are a minimum of two dispatchers working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and more during peak times or significant events.

During the current pandemic crisis our dispatchers are asking a series of extra health screening questions when you call 911. The purpose of those questions is to try to identify patients who potentially have the Corona Virus so they can alert first responders of the need to don the appropriate personal protective equipment to assist the patient while also protecting themselves.

The dispatcher's duties don't stop at just answering 911 calls, they also include dispatching police, fire, & rescue services, coordinating efforts with the Public Works Department, Community Services, and the Sanitary District; answering the business phone lines with general questions and complaints, greeting citizens in the lobby of the public safety building, and several other tasks as assigned by the officers and firefighters.

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Public Library Launches Expansion Website 
Audra Sinclair, Scarborough Library Board of Trustees
Life has few certainties. The popular adage contends there are only two, death and taxes. But we contend there is one more: everyone has a favorite book. Whether it takes you back to your earliest childhood memories like Robert McCloskey, reminds you there is good in the world like E.B. White, or makes you super glad there really is good in the world like Stephen King, the best books give us refuge.

In Scarborough, a town whose population has grown more than 10 percent in each of the past two censuses (and is predicted to have grown another 12 percent when the 2020 U.S. Census is released), we are on the path to creating refuge for those books - and much more - through the expansion of the Scarborough Public Library.

Our current facility was built 31 years ago. Since then, people have walked through our doors more than a million times. They've read, researched, surfed, learned, and built community, finding what they've needed even as our walls have closed in. We've known for years that as our town grows and the needs of our residents become more diverse, we will need more space.
The Town Council approved expansion planning funds in 2018 and the board has been hard at work ever since, developing a plan that will support the diverse needs in this growing community. To help our community members understand this expansion, we created a website . This resource takes you step-by-step from where we've been to where we are today and where we're going in the future. And that future looks very bright.

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Notice for all Scarborough Community Members
Scarborough Public Schools Board of Education
We hope this message finds you and your family doing well. As you are now aware, our students and families have been notified that all Scarborough Public Schools will be continuing with distance learning through the remainder of the current school year. Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our district leadership, building administration, teachers, and staff for their tireless commitment to our students and community. 
The Board of Education has resumed our work in support of the district through remote-access Board meetings and committee meetings. These meetings will be streamed on YouTube for our community to watch.  In addition, if you would like to be an attendee and provide public comment at any of these meetings, you will be able to log in through a Zoom link which will allow you to provide a video comment or a text comment which will be read aloud by a designee. Links to both Zoom and Youtube will be provided on our calendar for each meeting. Step by step directions for accessing our meetings can be found HERE . Be sure to check our website  for the most updated meeting schedules. We are committed to ensuring our district is fully supported as we navigate these challenging times as a community.   

Please be safe and thank you for your continued support of our staff! 

Kind Regards, 
The Scarborough Board of Education 
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