July 1, 2019
Town Hall will be closing at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 3rd and will be closed all day on Thursday, July 4th and Friday, July 5th in observance of Independence Day.
Keep the 4th Safe and Fun for Everyone
Fire Chief B. Michael Thurlow and  Police Chief Robbie Moulton
Two summers ago the Town Council Ordinance Committee made some changes to the Consumer Fireworks Ordinance, # 608A that we wanted to remind everyone of as we approach the 4 th of July holiday.   The substantive changes include:
  • Elimination of July 5th as one of the days when consumer fireworks are allowed to be discharged.  Now there are only four days per year when it is legal to use consumer fireworks - July 3rd & 4th, December 31st, and January 1st.
  • Limiting the times when it is legal to use consumer fireworks on July 4th.  Previously they were allowed from 9:00 AM - 12:30 AM the next day, but the new revision to the ordinance limits the hours of use to 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM on each of the four days per year that they are allowed to be used, including July 4th.
  • Creation of a Consumer Fireworks Notification of Intent Form.  This is an electronic form that residents and visitors are required to fill out which notifies the public safety dispatch center of where fireworks are planned to be discharged and by whom.  For those that don't have internet access, you can complete and submit a paper form at the dispatch center or one of the local neighborhood fire stations.  
The Town Council also instituted the following Respect your Neighbors Consumer Fireworks Guidelines:
  • Use fireworks strictly in accordance with the submitted notification form.
  • Do not use fireworks after 10:00 PM on the days allowed.
  • Do not use fireworks in any way that could unreasonably infringe upon your neighbors' safety or peaceful enjoyment of their property.
  • Inform your neighbors in advance where and when you are planning to use fireworks.
  • Do not use fireworks near animals or livestock that may become frightened.
  • Only set off fireworks in areas where no fireworks debris will fall on your neighbors' property or any environmentally sensitive areas (e.g., beaches, marshes, or wetlands).
  • Do not permit anyone under the age of 21 to use fireworks.
  • Carefully follow the safety instructions provide by the seller of the fireworks.
Please remember that fireworks can only be discharged from private property with the owner's permission.  They cannot be discharged from the town's beaches or any public property.

Public Safety Building Update
Tom Perkins, Owner's Representative
A major milestone is approaching for the new public safety building project as crews have emerged from a cold and snowy winter at full speed on the Route 1 construction site. Steel erection has progressed through the spring and is nearing completion. The workforce on site celebrated this major accomplishment on Friday, June 21st with a ceremonial beam-signing and hoist with members of the town's ad-hoc building committee, public safety staff, and other town officials. The topping off ceremony was followed by a bar-b-q for the crews furnished by construction manager Landry French to celebrate this achievement.

Along with the structural steel, which is the predominant feature passers-by likely notice most from the adjacent roadways and Memorial Park, crews have also created the new entrance to Durant Drive and installed a substantial portion of the underground site utilities around the building. Inside, concrete slabs have been placed on the metal decks and piping inside the building has commenced as well.

By the numbers, here are some statistics to date:
-          0 OSHA-recordable injuries
-          362 tons of steel erected
-          1,626 cubic yards of concrete placed
-          27,000 masonry blocks set on the building facade

We can look forward to new activities starting in the coming weeks, including the natural gas line installation in Route 1, roof trusses to mark the high point of the building, and the brick masonry facade. Overall, the project continues to be on schedule and tracking towards a spring 2020 occupancy.

Sustainable Scarborough: Plover Success!
Jami Fitch, Sustainability Coordinator
2019 will be a record-setting summer for endangered piping plovers in Maine. Maine Audubon reports at least 85 nesting pairs of plovers on the State's beaches from Ogunquit to Georgetown, a new record. The previous record was set in 2018, when we had 68 pairs of the birds on Maine's beaches.
Scarborough's beaches are also seeing a bit of a plover boom! As of June 21st, we had approximately 17 pairs on our four beaches (2 pairs at Scarborough Beach State Park, 6 pairs on Higgins, 8 pairs on Western, and 1 pair on Pine Point). Many nests have already hatched, resulting in roughly 34 fuzzy plover chicks scurrying around the beaches so far.
Beach activity can be harmful to plovers and other shorebirds birds. Please follow these general rules when enjoying the beach:
  • Dogs on the beach (May 15 - Tuesday after Labor Day):
    • Dawn - 9:00 am: Allowed off-leash (under voice control) in non-restricted areas
    • 9:00 am - 5:00 pm: No dogs allowed on Scarborough's beaches
    • 5:00 pm - Dusk: Dogs allowed on-leash in non-restricted areas (exception is on Pine Point, where dogs are allowed on-leash in the restricted area)
    • Dusk - Dawn: No dogs allowed on Scarborough's beaches
    • Keep dogs at least 200-feet away from stake and twine areas or nests enclosed in fencing
  • No kite flying, kite surfing, and parasailing within 650 feet of nesting plovers
  • Fireworks are not allowed on any beach in Scarborough
  • Fill in all holes dug on the beach 
We'd like to thank our diligent volunteer monitors who visit our beaches to educate residents and visitors about the plovers and our local ordinances. We'd also like to thank residents and visitors for obeying the ordinances that are in place to protect these endangered birds.

Help Protect Our Local Marine Mammals
Officer Craig Hebert, Police Department
Each year the Scarborough Public Safety Dispatch center fields dozens of calls for seals on the beaches or rocks surrounding our coast line.  Often people think the seals are ill or stranded and in need of help. Sometimes the seal is deceased and beyond help but most often the seal is in its natural environment.

Recently the Scarborough Police Department teamed up with Marine Mammals of Maine (MMOME) for training on how to respond to these calls for service and how we can help educate the public.  MMOME is a non-profit organization dedicated to marine mammal and sea turtle response, rescue, care, research and education. Their small full time staff and dedicated volunteer team provides expert stranding response across roughly 2,500 miles of Maine's coastline (including islands), covering the geographic area of Kittery to Rockland.  They operate a 24/7 marine mammal and sea turtle reporting hotline.

With late spring and early summer upon us this is the time of year that we see a spike in calls for stranded or sick seals along with seal pups being abandoned.   This time of year is also seal pup season.  Like other wildlife, the moms will leave their pups on the beach or rocks while they are out foraging for food.   It is important to know that seals and seal pups rest on shore, this is normal behavior - Do NOT disturb them.  Seals will go into the water to find food but return to shore to rest.  There is no doubt that seal pups are adorable and it can be very tempting to save them or pet them. The pups will also let off a sound that seems like a distress or whining sound.  You must resist the urge to "help" them as human contact or intervention can be detrimental to their health and will cause undue stress that may result in their death.  Human contact is also against the law.

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Sign Up for the Annual 55+ BBQ
Cynthia DiBiase, Senior Programs Coordinator
Scarborough's 55+ Program will be holding their annual Senior BBQ at Memorial Park on Wednesday, July 31. Join us under the tent and indulge in delicious food, socialize with friends, spend time outdoors, and enjoy some live music! 

Lunch will be served at 11:30 am and music will start at 12:30 pm. This lunch is $8 (ages 60+) or $10 (under age 60) per person. Stop by the Community Services office or visit us online to register before July 22. This event will be held rain or shine. We hope to see you there!

Scarborough Public Schools News
Kelly Johnston, Scarborough Public Schools
Even though the calendar says "summer" and the school year has ended, there's still lots happening in and around our schools!

Our custodians and maintenance staff will be very busy cleaning every classroom in every school over the summer months.  This can prove to be very challenging as they need to work around the many summer programs that are occuring over the next few months.  In addition to our three student learning programs - Summer Reading Academy, Extended School Year (ESY) Program and KinderKamp - there are several opportunities of Professional Development offered to our staff.  Staff will get together to review/modify curriculum, new staff will have an orientation, our secretarial/administrative assistants will meet to preview the upcoming school year, and many staff, including our bus drivers, will be trained in various medical trainings, such as first aid and CPR, to name a few.

Another considerable project that began as soon as students were dismissed for the summer, is the addition of two portable classrooms being added to Eight Corners School.  Due to the huge influx in enrollment slated for this primary school, the extra classrooms are necessary to accommodate its growing student population. 

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Celebrate Your Town Employees!
Heidi McNinch, Human Resources Coordinator
Employees are our greatest asset and all of our employees are valued members of our team. The longevity of our workforce symbolizes commitment to the values that make our Town so special!

The Town recently held its annual Employee Recognition Event and would like to acknowledge employees who have reached years of service milestones.

For 10 Years of Service: For 15 Years of Service:
Timothy Dalton Police  Cynthia Gorham Fire
Michael DiClemente Fire For 20 Years of Service:
Wesley Merritt Dispatch Michael Beeler Police
Garrett Strout Police  Mark Keast Technology and Information Services
Bethany Cousino Fire For 25 Years of Service:
Ryan Colpitts Community Services Tody Justice Town Clerk
Stephen Higgins Fire Daniel Desimio Public Works
Shannon Mazyck Fire John O'Malley Police
Sandra Sullivan Revenue For 30 Years of Service:
Megan Rioux Fire Gina Clukey Finance
Nathan Bennett Fire

Town Council Email Update
The group email address for the Town Council is being updated to towncouncil@scarboroughmaine.org. The original group email  was established prior to the Town's shift to Google.  For a number of configuration, management, and liability reasons, it is better to shift the Town Council group email from the unsupported public Groups service, to the Town's G Suite for Business domain. All previous emails sent and received from the prior email address will be archived.

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