A Note from Scott and Marsha
April 11, 2019
You know how I'm always talking about things going on around here right? Well, we are in the thick of planning for our huge, huge, HUUUUGGGEEEE 20th Anniversary Celebration weekend and trucks are pouring in, plants are flying, wine is chilling and everybody is running around preparing! I'm going to ignore the fact that weather.com has changed their forecast 8 times in two days and I basically hate them with my whole being. MY WHOLE BEING (as if they control the weather.) On to my funny story. Scott and I were on the grounds on Saturday moving some of the aeration system we installed in the lake in hopes of making it overall more healthy. But as Scott was emptying the canoe from water and pushing off from the side wall with his hand, he realized there was a very, very, VERY large snake on the shore edge. From his angle, it appeared ready to launch itself into the boat with him. He stands up so fast, it causes the entire boat to rock back and forth, and he is about to flip out of it. I yell, "What are you doing?" The blood has completely drained from his face and he points and yells, "Snake!! It's getting in the boat!" When I finally spot it about 10 feet away from me, I realize the snake is actually trying to get into the lake (not the boat) which I calmly, I might add, tried to explain to my freaking out man. It took about 3 minutes of convincing him the snake did indeed go into the lake, not the boat, and it didn't want to be around him either. And after another 3 minutes of explaining there weren't any other snakes hiding in the boat or in the crevices OR waiting to jump out and exclaim, "Here I am!", he finally sat down. Good God. But those of you who know me know it took EVERY OUNCE of self-control I had to not wait 10 minutes and point at the boat and let out a blood curdling scream. Seriously, I wanted to soooooooo bad. But my dad taught me paybacks are hell, so I resisted. About 30 minutes later, the hose Scott had in the boat actually rubbed the side of his leg and he thought it was the snake. He screamed in the middle of the lake so I didn't have to get implicated. We really could be a reality show or sitcom around here. It is hysterical at times. We hope to see you this weekend, praying for the rain forecast to disappear so desperately all because we want to help you bring green home and enjoy a beautiful day with us!  
April 13-14, 2019 *

We will be fully stocked and have fun for the whole family!
We'll have a food truck (Saturday), Master Gardeners (Saturday), wine, hard cider, raffle, and custom T-shirts!
*The weather is looking a little uncertain...if we have to postpone our celebration, we will announce on social media (Instagram or Facebook). But for now, we are still on! Make sure you are following us to stay in the know! :)
Worst case...who loves umbrellas and rain boots?! We do!!

At Last roses are a newer variety and the latest rage in roses! The big blooms are very fragrant, and the color is stunning! At Last roses grow to be a little bigger than Drift roses and not quite as big as Knockout roses. They are also very resistant to disease (bonus!). We promise you will be thrilled with this fragrant, medium sized rose bush!
We know you have been waiting with baited breath...wait no longer! Tropicals have arrived!! Whether you are looking for hibiscus, mandevilla, or Eugenia, we've got it! Tropicals are valued for the gorgeous color that they add to your landscape through the summer. If temps do drop below 50 degrees, make sure you cover and keep them cozy!
Your grandmother likely grew these dreamy shrubs. The big, white blooms do remind you of snowballs, but without the winter :) The blooms last for six weeks or more, but even when the blooms are finished, the glossy green foliage won't leave you disappointed. Look forward to purple hues in the fall!
Saturday, April 20, 2019 
Tomatoes are the number one planting choice for home vegetable gardeners. Learn more about the care and feeding of these popular fruits (yes, they are). Presenter will review some of the many choices available, including heirloom vs. hybrids and include some good references for gardening in general and tomatoes in particular.
Presenter: Charles Murphy, Durham County Extension Master Gardener
Registration deadline: April 17
Email  caroline@fgsnursery.com  or call Caroline at 919-484-9759, ext. 101.
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