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So, we know you've endured a lot so far this year; we appreciate the effort everyone has made to cooperate and do their best.  
The one upside? So far, no major storm impacts this season-let's keep our fingers crossed we escape unscathed (remember we've got to get through 2 more months before storm season is technically over).
If you haven't experienced this yet we need to forewarn you of yet another Covid related impact: supply chain challenges. Materials, parts, appliances, labor---all in serious shortage.  
In the simplest of terms, when this started, a lot of manufacturing was suspended as people could not go to work. Ditto on transport to some degree. Meanwhile the rest of us were sheltering in place and using our stuff, a lot. Added wear & tear. Due to all the uncertainty surrounding us these last 6 months, manufacturers have been challenged to forecast (as we all have).  
Now there is pent up and high demand and short supply. We have seen the manifestation most severely in appliances. There is limited stock immediately available (thus less choice and fewer "deals") and if that won't do, you'll be waiting...awhile. Some are predicted to roll into early next year. This dynamic has also impacted materials (like roof shingles) and parts (think AC repair).
So, if your rental experiences a breakdown of any kind, remember this: it will likely take longer than usual to resolve. (see link below!) 
We know...do we ever have any good news in 2020? See above re: storms!
Ok so we hit you with the less than fun stuff, here's a Halloween riddle for you-the first resident to email marketing with the correct answer gets...you guessed it... a $25 gift card!
A zombie, a mummy and a ghost bought a house together. It has all the usual rooms except for one.  
What room won't you find?
Appliance Woes
If there is any other information we can assist you with/provide, just ask: marketing.   
Have a SAFE & Happy Halloween!
                         The Team at FPM Properties                             


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