School of Public Health 
Con-GRAD-ulations to the Class of 2020!

I am incredibly proud of you as you have achieved a major milestone in your careers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The world is looking to you - our generation’s newest public health leaders, scholars, and practitioners - for guidance as we navigate and overcome the physiological, psychological, social, and financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic through public health.

I have had the great honor and pleasure of meeting many of you and am confident that you will enter the next stage of your careers equipped with the skills, knowledge, and values to enhance public health locally, nationally, and globally.

I ask you to take your next steps with these ideals in mind, representing the ethos of our School. Dedicate yourselves to addressing the most vexing health problems that challenge the people of New Jersey, the United States, and the world. As we have seen with COVID-19, our global world requires a unified response to public health challenges. Recognize that we, in the United States, have as much to learn from our international colleagues as they can learn from us. Remember that global public health is as much about public health in other countries as it is about the health of immigrant and ethnic communities within our own cities and states. Stay true to the notion that health disparities are driven by complex synergies of biomedical elements, behaviors, psychosocial conditions, and structural inequities. Direct your efforts to help those whom our society marginalizes and oppresses as they are at a heightened susceptibility to pathogens like COVID-19. And most importantly, never forget that our work is focused on humanity.

The current COVID-19 pandemic is the crisis of the moment, and others will surely follow. It will be up to you to use your skills, passion, and knowledge to improve the health of all people and in all places. If you remember that notion, your work will be honest, stellar, and respected. It will be the type of work that matters. In the end, stay true to “keeping the ‘public’ in public health.”

I wish you my most heartfelt congratulations. Visit us often, and keep us abreast of your accomplishments. The Rutgers School of Public health is now part of your DNA and you are part of ours.


Perry N. Halkitis, PhD, MS, MPH
Rutgers School of Public Health
Virtual Convocation Webpage
To celebrate their accomplishments and starting on Friday, May 15, 2020, at 1:00 p.m., you can view our Virtual Convocation webpage at here.

The Virtual Convocation webpage will include:
  • Videos from our dean, chancellor, faculty, student, and alumni speakers, and our annual Lecture in Public Health by our Lautenberg Awardee
  • Social media posts shared using #RutgersSPH2020
  • Personalized and interactive slides for each graduate

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Dean’s Remarks:
Perry N. Halkitis, PhD, MS, MPH
Chancellor's Remarks:
Brian L. Strom, MD, MPH
Chancellor, Rutgers biomedical Health Sciences
Lecture in Public Health:
Tammy Snyder Murphy
First Lady, State of New Jersey
Faculty Speaker:
Adana Llanos, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Alumni Speaker:
Kevin Sumner, MPH’94
Health Officer/Director of the Middle-Brook Regional Health Commission and Immediate Past President of National Association of County and City Health Officials
Student Speaker:
Nicholas Acuna, MPH’20
Graduating MPH Student, Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
Post-Baccalaureate Certificate 
Blaire Adkins
Christina Anderson
Julius Baguio
Deandrah Cameron
Manupreet Chawla 1
Hailey Dubreuil 1
Hager El Shaafi
Amarachi Ezumah 1
Ebony Felton
Whitney Garay 1
Lesley Gentles
Maureen Gichura
Erica Gottlieb
Ashley Gregory 1
Ruby Gupta
Myles Jackson
Iman Johnson
Jaehyun Kim 1
Lady Kovacs Prada 1
Yetunde Lana 1
Jacqueline Luthcke 1
Kristi Marciano
Tatiyanna Mingo
Garima Mittal 1
Ruhi Naik 1
Farah Rahman
Ruth Salas
Mariah Scott 1
Marilena Stoicescu
Tanya Vialet 1
Master of Public Health (MPH)
Fatima Abdulrahman
Nicholas Acuna 1
Deepna Agrawal 1
Jacqueline Amati
Kimberly Arrington
Dylan Atkinson
Jonas Attilus
Bassel Barbour
Dianne Franc Bautista 1
Arun Bhagat 1
McKenzie Black
Troy Brancard
Jordan Burns
Deandrah Cameron 2
Abha Chaudhary
Yu Ku Chen
Jennily Eshak
Edward Ezenwafor II
Kayla Farah
Ebony Felton 2
Julianne Ferraro 1
Rachel Ford
Hannah Fryczynski
Sofia Funes
Emmanuel Gamarra 1
Mahalakshmi Ganesan
Whitney Garay 1,2
Shannon Glenn
Carissa Greco 1
Ashley Grenger
Keyla Grullon 1
Ruby Gupta 2
Krasimira Hristov 1
Wen-Chi Hsu
Han Huynh
Lynly Jeanlouis
Anna Johnson
Payal Kadiwar
Lady Kovacs Prada 1,2
Zoe Landau 1
Karen Li
Nicholas Lozano
Joshua Lue 1
Marissa Manhart
Victoria Marino
Anika Mavinkurve
Krystal Mayers
Melanie Fredrick Miranda 1
Carolina Moreira
Lauriel Morrison
Denise Mulbah
Erica Mullen 1
Maninder Mundi 1
Rupal Nayi
Anika Nelson
Nneka Nwaogwugwu
Philomina Obi
Kedeen Okumu-Camerra 1
Juyeon Park 1
David Park
Shaili Patel
Divya Patel
Prem Patel
Chanera Philogene 1
Mariah Pierce
Kimberly Pierre 1
Tayla Poretta 1
Alexander Pugliese
Kathleen Reilly
Kianna Rimes
Stephen Ruhmel 1
Kelly Saldarriaga
Andrew Sansone
Michael Scott 1
Peshal Shah 1
Marwa Shoaib
Bushra Siddiqui 1
Sarah Simpson 1
Nimisha Singh 1
Noor Siyam
Menatolla Soliman
Sean Stratton
Muzdalifa Syed
Eugene Talbot 1
Tahab Talib
Courtney Tilton 1
Brittany Toffey 1
Michael Toto 1
Shreya Tripathi
Konstantina Tsintsifas 1
Alexis Uram
Ismary Vento
Marlon Williams
Priscilla Winston-Laryea
Nicole Yaron
Richard Yoon 1
Master of Science in Biostatistics (MS)
Zhipeng Chen
Kai Feng
Songyang Hu
Andi Huang
Zhong Lai 1
Rui Li
Yanzeng Li
Danni Li
Wensheng Liu 1
Ziqian Liu
Prachi Nair
Linda Ritchie 1
Shu Wang
Menghan Wang
Chang Wang
Weiyi Xia
Chenyun Yang
Xiao Yu 1
Qiao Zhou
Master of Science in Health Outcomes, Policy, and Economics (MS-HOPE)
Stephen Fortin
Peter Habib
Lauren Holmes 1
Patrick LaFontaine 1
Mark Neese
Malay Parekh 1
Priti Shah
Daniel Simmons 
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Uma Bruen 1
Chair: Jun-Yan Hong, PhD
Dissertation: Optimizing an Integrated Testing Strategy for Evaluating the Skin Sensitization Potential of Pharmaceutical Process Intermediates

Yanping Chen
Chair(s): Yong Lin, PhD & Shou-en Lu, PhD
Dissertation: Two stage Clinical Trial Designs with Survival Outcomes and Adjustments for Misclassification in Predictive Biomarkers
Carla Clark 1 , MPH
Chair: Marian Passannante, PhD
Dissertation: Assessing Gestational Age and School Performance Among Siblings Born In New York City, 1994 - 1998

Mohamed Elsaid ALM, MPH
Chair(s): Mark Gregory Robson, PhD, MPH, DrPH & Pamela Ohman Strickland, PhD
Dissertation: The Association of Metabolic Syndrome Severity with Outcomes and Survival in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Population Study of Adults in the United States

Kristen Krause, MPH
Chair: Perry N. Halkitis, PhD, MS, MPH
Dissertation: Resilience as a Buffer Against Negative Health Sequelae in Older Gay Men Living with HIV/AIDS: Implications for Research and Practice
Olubukunola Oyedele, MPH
Chair: Charles E. Menifield, PhD
Dissertation: Healthcare Utilization and the Association with Cardiovascular Health of African-born and U.S.-born Blacks

Ehab Tuppo 1 , DO, MPH, MS, MA
Chair: George G. Rhoads, MD, MPH
Dissertation: Changes in Coronary Heart Disease Incidence and Mortality in New Jersey 2000-2017

Adrienne Viola, MPH
Chair(s): Cristine Delnevo, PhD, MPH & Katie Devine, PhD, MPH
Dissertation: The Feasibility of a Medical Student Mentoring Program to Improve Transition of Care Among Young Adults with Sickle Cell Disease
Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)
Denise Dietz 1
Chair(s): Stephan Schwander, MD, PhD & Kitaw Demissie, MD, PhD
Dissertation: The Impact of Systemic Lupus Erythematosison Obstetric Outcomes and Infection Suseptibility in the Exposed Infant
Explanatory Notes
The listings of graduates in this program are based upon information provided to the University Office of Academic Affairs at the time of submission of the program for publication. These listings are unofficial. The official conferral of degrees/certificates occurs upon satisfactory completion of all academic requirements and the fulfillment of all financial and other obligations to the University.

1 Degree was awarded prior to commencement
2 Graduate received a certificate in addition to their degree
Delta Omega Inductees
MPH Graduates:
Arun Bhagat
Whitney Garay
Shannon Glenn
Rupal Nayi 
Alexander Pugliese
Kathleen Reilly
Michael Scott
Sean Stratton  
Brittany Toffey
Alexis Uram
MS Graduates:
Kai Feng
Stephen Fortin
Yanzeng Li
Daniel Simmons
Weiyi Xia 

PhD Graduates:
Mohamed Elsaid
Adrienne Viola
Presented to
Tammy Snyder Murphy
Senator Frank R. Lautenberg Annual Award and Lecture in Public Health
The Senator Frank R. Lautenberg Annual Award and Lecture in Public Health , established in 2001, celebrates Senator Lautenberg’s outstanding public health achievements. This award is bestowed annually at the Convocation of the School of Public Health in the name of Senator Frank R. Lautenberg to an outstanding leader in public health. Following the presentation of the award, the award recipient delivers the Lecture in Public Health
Stanley S. Bergen, Jr., MD, Medal of Excellence Award
Presented to
Nicholas Acuna
The Stanley S. Bergen, Jr., MD, Medal of Excellence Award is presented by Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences to one student in each of the RBHS schools who has performed at a high level in his or her academic studies; attained notable achievements in basic science and research; demonstrated those high ideals which are traditional to the profession; and engaged in meaningful service to the Rutgers School of Public Health.
Student Community
Engagement Award
Presented to
Kathleen Reilly
The Student Community Engagement Award is presented to a graduating student who has provided service to a community that has potential for improving health indicators, benefited at-risk populations, and produced direct outcomes through quality interactions with a community and its members.
Presented to
Muzdalifa Syed
Anna Skiff Award
The Anna Skiff Award is given to a graduating student from the Social and Behavioral Health Sciences Concertation for outstanding practicum that is relevant, timeliness, and original. The Award is presented to honor Anna Skiff, the first fieldwork coordinator of the School.
Stuart D. Cook Student Public Health Research Awards (MPH & PhD/DrPH)
Presented to
Shannon Glenn (MPH)
Presented to
Kristen Krause (PHD)
The Stuart D. Cook, MD Student Public Health Research Award was established in 2004 in honor of Stuart D. Cook, MD, Past President, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ). During Dr. Cook's tenure as President, UMDNJ doubled research funding and became the leading research university in New Jersey.
Bernard D. Goldstein, MD, Award
The Bernard D. Goldstein, MD Award , established in 1995 through an endowment from Dr. Goldstein, is awarded annually to recognize academic excellence. Dr. Goldstein was the former Chair of the Department of Environmental and Community Medicine at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the founding Director of the Rutgers Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute and the former Acting Dean of the UMDNJ-School of Public Health (now the Rutgers School of Public Health).
Arun Bhagat
Urban Health Administration
McKenzie Black
Deandrah Cameron
Health Systems & Policy
Stephen Fortin
Health Outcomes, Policy, and Economics
Carissa Greco
Social and Behavioral Health Sciences
Rupal Nayi
Kimberly Pierre
Urban Public Health
Kathleen Reilly
Global Public Health
Sean Stratton
Environmental Health Sciences
Alexis Uram
Occupational Safety and Health
Weiyi Xia
Biostatistics (MS)
Presented to
Kevin Sumner, MPH’94
Distinguished Alumni Award
The Distinguished Alumni Award was established by the Rutgers School of Public Health to recognize the excellence of highly exceptional graduates from the Rutgers School of Public Health who have made significant publicly-recognized contributions to the profession, the state of NJ or the nation.
Student Government Association Excellence in Teaching Award
Presented to
Laura Liang, DrPH’15
The Student Government Association Excellence in Teaching Award was established by the Student Government Association in 2001. This award is given by the Student Government Association to faculty member for “excellence in teaching and service to public health students.”
Faculty Community
Engagement Award
Presented to
Henry F. Raymond, DrPH, MPH
T he Faculty Community Engagement Award was established in 2002 and is given to a faculty member who has engaged in community service that has improved health indicators, benefited an at-risk community, and mentored students in community service effort.
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