April 2018

Happy Easter and Hag Sameach L'Pesach!

Dear Scarsdale Friends and Neighbors,

Members of the Voters Choice Party wish your families and you a blessed and wonderful Easter and Passover!

Below are a few important news about property assessments, tree code proposals and water rate rises that affect us all. The Procedure Committee and the Scarsdale School District are requesting community input on the Non-Partisan Resolution and Butler Field, respectively.

Please write the Scarsdale mayor and make him aware of any of your concerns about Village matters. Add Ms. Donna Conkling to your letters so that the trustees can get a copy.

Happy Spring!
Scarsdale Water Rates Provide A Discount
for Excess Water Use

Recent Scarsdale water rate changes and their implicit reward of excess consumption came as quite a surprise! P roviding a discount seems completely contrary to the culture of sustainability that has until now been promoted by the village administration.

Fair Assessments are Essential
to Scarsdale Schools and Village

It is imperative that the Scarsdale Mayor and Trustees consider how they are going to address the hundreds of families who are over assessed and who continue to subsidize larger home owners. When are they going to have another reval?

100 Trees Downed Lines,
But Trustees Want to Punish Residents

The Scarsdale Conservation Advisory Counsel has not presented any data showing any irresponsible tree removal by residents.

Your Comments Are Needed

Procedure Committee

The Procedure Committee invites voters' input on amendments to the Non-Partisan Resolution and reforms to the Citizens Nominating Committee processes. Please send your comments to Chair Madelaine Eppenstein .

Scarsdale School District

The school district has been hearing and receiving comments from the public about the proposed school budget. Documents and videos about the budget can be found here .

There is $1,200,000 in the proposed 2018-19 budget for Butler Field and the track. The Board of Education is in the midst of a process to decide the best surface for the renovated field. The Board and Administration have been gathering and continue to gather data about the options for synthetic turf infill, the field's usage for the school and community, and the various costs and benefits of synthetic versus natural turf. The decision of what material to use will impact the amount of money needed for the project. 

The Board will next meet on April 10, 2018, at 6:00 P.M. in Rooms 170-72 at the High School. Please join to hear more about the data and information regarding Butler Field. You can email any thoughts and questions to the Board . The Board expects to adopt the final proposed budget at its meeting on April 16th, with the community budget vote occurring on May 15th at the Middle School.

Village Budget Hearing

Tuesday Board of Trustee meetings are important opportunities for residents to speak about issues that matter to us. The budget will be presented at a hearing on April 10, 2018 at Village Hall at 8pm. Please take a look at the calendar to see the dates for upcoming meetings. If you cannot attend meetings, please write to the mayor and to the Village clerk .
Bronx River Books is Coming to Scarsdale!

Bronx River Books will be on Spencer Place. On its Twitter account, it says "Neighborhood bookstore coming this fall to 37 Spencer Pl. in Scarsdale, NY. Not to be confused with that other bookseller named after some South American River."

The manager invites you to send in suggestions of books you think the book shop should carry. About 25% of the books will be for children. And he will carry some Spanish language books.
The Scarsdale Farmers Market is Going Back Outdoors

The market is returning to its outdoors Boniface Circle location on Thursdays from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM starting on April 5th and running through November 15th. Until then, it will continue to operate indoors at 13-15 Boniface Circle, with an accessible ramp entrance located at 24-26 Harwood Court. The outdoor season includes vendors selling a variety of meats, seafood, cheeses, baked goods, nuts, produce, and more! 


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