We have been using essential oils for over 20 years.  When used properly, they can be wonderful. 
However, we have been mortified at what we are seeing and hearing.  As aromatherapy is growing amongst more and more pet parents and animal professionals, you need to know about this to protect your animals AND the people in your lives.
Just the other day on local TV news, there was a story about the increasing number of cases ending up in the ER from complication and overdose of using essential oils.  And they interviewed one mom who was giving her children topically one drop of essential oil to one drop of carrier oil!  That is extremely disturbing as that is actually a high dose for adults! 
So yes, harm can be done to people and most definitely, animals.  Animals are extremely sensitive.  Most people do not know what they are doing when it comes to using essential oils properly, especially on animals.  You need to know the truth - if you want to prevent potential harm to the animals in your care.
So here are the top beliefs (aka mistakes) from horror stories we have seen or heard from students using an "aromatherapist" that does not know what they are doing:
  • Essential oils are ok for every animal:  This is the biggest mistake there is.  There are animals that should NEVER have oils used on them.  Other animals may need oils on one occasion and never again.  Never assume your animal is ok to have aromatherapy.
  • The more drops, the better:  Essential oils are VERY powerful and potentially toxic!  Each drop is powerful.  This is probably the 2nd most common mistake.  More oils and more drops do NOT equal better.
  • One size fits all:  You cannot and should not ever follow a set formula for any animal or person.  Every animal and person is unique.  If it is determined they do need essential oils, you need to find out EXACTLY what is right for that animal or person, at that moment.
  • It's ok to put essential oil drops all over the body, even in the mouth:  Doing this can result in horrible consequences, especially if the oils are not diluted.  And you better know what you are doing if you are giving them orally.  Even we do not do offer oils orally.
  • All oils are created equally:  You must make sure they are therapeutic grade.  You are not going to find this at a dollar store and even some of the major oils out there have questionable quality and energy.
  • This company is really well known, they must be great:  Sadly, a top essential oil company is "educating" those selling their products, resulting in these common mistakes.  Chances are, you probably know someone.
  • Pet brand essential oil flea collars are better than chemicals:  These collars are often packed with so many drops of oils, some of them known to cause negative reactions in animals, that they can act like chemical poisoning.
So what can happen with these mistakes?  We have seen and heard of animals collapsing, losing their hair, burning their skin, having gastro issues, experiencing an almost comatose state, seizures and even dying. 
So what can you do?  Educate yourself.  Know that you can use essential oils properly and avoid the horrors so many animals have experienced.  Our November topic in our Animal Heart & Soul Learning Center is all about aromatherapy.  In our instructional video and class notes, we teach you how to use essential oils properly.  You learn the #1 way to know if your animal should have aromatherapy and if so, step by step how to determine EXACTLY what is right for your animal. 

Good Scents/Sense Blessings!
Kim & Allison
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