A Virtual Tour of the Equine Rescue Network
Below is a summary of who we are and what we do.
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The Equine Rescue Network is a 501c3 organization that rescues unwanted equines from slaughter (Horses/Donkeys/Mules). In 2017, we rescue over 160 equines and placed them in approved homes throughout out the USA.
We successfully place so many unwanted equines because we have a massive network of 227,000 equine advocates working collaboratively to make a difference. We are staffed entirely by volunteers so 100% of donations go toward helping equines.

ERN purchases horses, donkeys and mules from the slaughter pens in Louisiana and Texas. We transport these rescues to Virginia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts for rehab, retraining and rehoming .

We have a quarantine barn that currently houses 5 donkeys, 2 who are so weak they are unable to stand up on their own. We rely on strong volunteers daily to get them on their feet. Their prognosis is excellent. They are not contagious - just emaciated and wormy.
ERN uses a second location for healthy horses/donkeys/mules that are either in training , ready for adoption or used for the #TeamOlivia team. Currently there are 10 at that barn. Finally, we have two "Rest Stops" (PA and VA) for equines on their way from the slaughter pens to MA. There are 8 donkeys in PA and 3 mule in Virginia.

In my ten years of rescue, I have learned the 'unintended consequence' of rescues is that ERN rescues make humans very happy . In 2017, we started the " Donkey Walk s " which lead to the (wildly fun and successful) " Donkey Derby" I marvel at the number of people glued to watching " Donkey Cam " especially now since we have two pregnant donkeys on camera.

In 2018 we are taking a step further. We are training donkeys for Pack Burro Racing and other donkeys will be trained for Equine Assisted Therapy. We hope to donate our rescued donkeys to registered PATH EAT programs.
However, ERN is NOT just donkeys - we rescue horses too . Whether it's a horse from the March 1st Slaughter Truck Crash , an old Amish Plow horse needing a soft landing or young horse that has landed into the slaughter pipeline because he is untrained, ERN helps find horses the care and future they need. We work with many equine sanctuaries and trainers that support our mission and are willing to help.