Social Engineering Threats
Social engineering is one of the biggest threats to modern business. According to Verizon’s 2021 Breach Report, social engineering was responsible for more breaches than any other attack pattern.

Social engineering attacks use human interaction to gather information or compromise systems in an organization. They rely upon psychological manipulation to trick people into making security mistakes. Unfortunately, these tricks come in many forms, from simple automated attacks to complex multi-faceted impersonations.

By far the most common form of social engineering is phishing, which is using social engineering through email to obtain confidential data or install malware.  

The average organization is targeted by over 700 phishing attacks in a year. Defense against phishing is absolutely critical for all organizations and it tends to fall into two main categories: education and technology. 
Educating employees about the risks of social engineering and how to recognize and report attacks is extremely valuable to a cybersecurity program. Regular security training and simulated phishing attacks can keep awareness high and help evaluate those users that are most vulnerable.

Implementing technical controls such as a secure email gateway can help reduce the number of attacks that make it to employees and help mitigate the spread if an attack is detected. Configuring technologies such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC on email servers can stop spoofing of emails from an organization’s domains. 

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