Schedule & Registration Available Now
Registration is only via Swim with Annie and now uses MindBody Online.

Please create a MindBody account, if you don't already have one.
You may do so by clicking on the words MINDBODY or via the Swim with Annie website and schedule link, below. My personal opinion is that it might be easier to figure out the schedule, decide what you'd like to sign up for, click through the REGISTER link on the site and then create your account as you go. If you are creating a new account, you can add your children in as "child of new profile/account" and "paid for by new account/profile". If you already have an account with MindBody, maybe take a moment and ensure your child/children are added to your account and as paid for by you, so you can enroll each child to their individual lesson.
Note on Age Categories
All ages from 6 months & up = (All)
Age 2 = (2)
Age 3 = (3)
Ages 4 & 5 = (4 & 5)
All who are old enough to attend Kindergarten through 8th Grade = (K-8)
How to contact Annie
Annie is available:
via text/phone: 802-922-6700

The quickest way to ensure a space is by registering online.

If you need assistance, please email, text or phone Annie. Please note that while Annie is pleased to assist whenever needed, spaces get filled through online registration faster than via Annie. Please note that having an account already created within Mindbody Online before contacting Annie will make any interaction far more efficient. Thank you.
Bonus Info
The schedule you will see is Annie's best guess for what Swim with Annie families may seek for this upcoming session. Frequently Annie learns that particular classes go to wait lists, very quickly. Sometimes, Annie will work to empty wait lists into other class times that have zero enrollments, so please know that the class names & schedule may change appearance, as we go.
Adult Strokes
Swim with Annie is offering a 6 week, 30 minute Adult Strokes class on Tuesdays at 5:30pm at The Spa at The Essex.
Swim with Annie | 802-922-6700