What You Can Do To Help!

1. Schedule In-District Meetings. Members of Congress will be in their home states Aug 6 - Sept 3. This is a great opportunity to ask for co-sponsorship! Please call your Representative and Senator's offices now to setup an appointment.
2. Create a phone campaign with friends and family. Share your Representative and Senator's D.C. phone numbers with friends & family and ask them to call. You can even pick a specific day for a bigger impact!
  • Here's a sample phone script to help you:
Thank you for taking my call. My name is [Your First Name Last Name] and I live in [City, State]. I would like Senator/Representative [Last Name] to co-sponsor the Medical Nutrition Equity Act. Can you let Senator/Representative [Last Name] know? The Medical Nutrition Equity Act is a bipartisan bill in both the House and Senate. Patients with newborn screening conditions are being denied coverage for medical necessary treatment and I need Senator/Representative [Last Name]'s help to fix it. This legislation is very important to me. [If they ask, the bill numbers are H.R. 2587 and S. 1194]
3. Share the new MNEA Video
  • The National PKU Alliance and National PKU News recently released a video about the MNEA. Click here  to watch and share PKU: Closing the Gap in Treatment Coverage.
  • Pass it on to members of Congress by tweeting a video link to your Representative and Senator's Twitter handles! (Click here to look up Twitter handles.)
4. Add your Medical Nutrition Story
Visit the new MNEA website and submit your story at http://equity4.us While you're on the site, be sure to sign up for action alerts!

5. Reconnect with offices you visited or contacted previously. Waiting to hear back about co-sponsorship? Call and email your staff contacts and ask if your Senator/Representative has decided to co-sponsor. This is a great opportunity to share the new MNEA video! Continue to follow up until your Senators and Representative say yes!
Questions? Email Us
Thank you for your help!

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