Schedule Your COVID-19 Screening Appointment
As announced last month, Idaho State will require all members of the University community with a consistent on-campus presence to undergo two non-invasive, saliva-based COVID-19 screenings. The first required screen must be completed between January 6 and January 14. The second required screen must be completed between January 15 and January 22. Individuals should schedule their appointments at minimum 5 to 7 days apart.
The online scheduling portal is now open to make your screening appointment.
You access the portal using your BengalWeb username and password.
The Screening Process
Your screening appointment should take about five minutes, and both walk-up and drive-through testing sites are available in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, and Meridian.

For an overview of the screening process, watch this two-minute video.
After scheduling your appointment, be sure to check your email for important follow-up information. You will also receive an email when your screening results are ready, which should be in 24-72 hours.
Idaho State’s screening program is for people who have no symptoms and no known COVID-19 exposure. This is done to identify individuals who may be asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers, so we can take precautions to limit the spread to others. As a reminder, you do not have to wait for a negative result, and you may return to campus activities and continue to follow all precautions (face coverings, physical distancing, etc.) immediately after your screening appointment.
If you have symptoms or have been exposed, complete a COVID-19 self-reporting form, contact the COVID-19 hotline, and DO NOT show up to the screening site.
Exemptions and Deferrals 
You may be exempt from participating in the screening program at this time if you meet any of the following criteria. Please complete the appropriate online form below.
I am a student taking only distanced-based classes and do not have a physical on-campus presence.
I am an employee who works entirely remotely and does not have physical interaction with other campus community members.
I have a sincerely held religious belief that prevents my participation in this screening program.
Individuals may defer the screening for up to two weeks if any of the following apply: 
  • Not feeling well for a reason other than suspected COVID-19, such as recovering from surgery, flu, strep throat, etc., so long as individuals will not be physically on-campus during this timeframe.
  • Not available due to vacation, travel, or other time off
  • Currently in quarantine as a close contact of someone with COVID-19
Alternative Compliance Options 
You may also be compliant with Idaho State’s screening requirement if you meet any of the following:
  1. Submit documentation of a positive COVID-19 rapid antigen or PCR test performed on or after July 6, 2020. If the University Health Center has a record of you having COVID-19 in the last 180 days, including those who participated in on-campus contact tracing, you will receive an email directing you to check the Health Center portal. If you are deemed compliant, you will not need to participate in the screening program.
  2. Submit documentation that you are regularly screened for COVID-19 for employment or student activity outside of the University.
  3. Submit documentation of a negative test result performed during the specified mandatory testing windows by an outside laboratory or provider.
  4. Submit documentation that you have received a full course of an FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccination.
You may submit documentation of your vaccination or test results within the screening portal. Step-by-step instructions for this process are available online.
Accessibility Accommodations
The University is dedicated to creating an accessible environment for students, faculty, staff, and other screening program participants with disabilities and will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations in accordance with applicable law. If you need Accessibility Accommodations in order to participate in the University's COVID-19 screening program, please complete the Request for Services Form. Once you have completed this form, a member of the Disability Services team will contact you as soon as possible to further discuss your accommodation needs.

Accommodations may include, but are not limited to:
  • Assistance with the check-in process
  • Personal escort through the testing site 
  • Sign language interpreter (requires requesting an interpreter one week in advance)
  • Assistance with sample collection/the testing process 
  • Other accommodation (please specify your needs in the box provided)
If you have questions about accessibility accommodations, you may call the Disability Services office at (208) 282-3599 or send an email to
What is the difference between a COVID-19 screen and test?
Idaho State’s screening program is for people who have no symptoms and no known COVID-19 exposure. This is done to identify individuals who may be asymptomatic COVID-19 carriers, so we can take precautions to limit the spread to others.
COVID-19 testing is designed for those who are symptomatic or have a known exposure to COVID-19. If you fall in this category, call the University Health Center at (208) 282-2330 for testing information AND fill out the online self-report form.
Why is the University requiring the COVID-19 screenings?
The return-to-campus screening program for asymptomatic individuals is being implemented to support in-person instruction and help keep the campus community as safe as possible. The program was created based on carefully reviewed effective evidence-based strategies that mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus. While a screening program cannot fully eliminate the risk of COVID-19 on our campus, it is a valuable tool for managing our campus response. This screening program is one piece of our COVID-19 safety protocols and does not replace public health guidelines (face coverings, physical distancing, frequent handwashing, etc.).
Additional FAQs
A list of FAQs has been compiled to educate the campus about Idaho State’s mandatory COVID-19 screening program. If you have additional questions after reviewing the online information, please send an email to or call (208) 282-2705.

More information about the type of COVID-19 screen being performed is available online.
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