Newsletter |January, 2021
Hello dear clients,

What a year it has been! Deep sigh.

Most people would agree 2020 was a challenging year filled with uncertainty, shifting perspectives, fear, loss and daunting challenges. Our lives were suddenly put on hold, our trajectories and plans abruptly altered, our beliefs, priorities and relationships questioned, and for many, the ability to support and care for ourselves and our loved ones nearly impossible. Glad it's over? Yep, me too!

Cost Rica was good to us. Holding us, safely tucked in a pocket of the jungle where Covid 19 barely touched the community. Gratefully, we continue not to have a single death, and only 6 locals diagnosed have been diagnosed with Covid to date. But that doesn't mean the year was easy for us at The Thermography Center; it was indeed challenging. Most recently we had our phone system go down for weeks without our knowing! On that note, we would like to offer our sincerest apologies for any delays or challenges some of you may have experienced in trying to reach us during the pandemic. Like many businesses, it seemed like we just kept getting hit throughout 2020 with unexpected challenges. As our way of absolving some of the extra frustration you may have experienced, please let us take $30 off the cost of your next full body scan during January and February. When you schedule, please let us know you would like to take advantage of our giveback offering.

Thankfully, we are ok. Not only ok, we will come out better and changed in ways that we would have never anticipated or planned for. We also hope you have experienced some unexpected good and maybe even benefited from these unprecedented times. Maybe you spent more time with your family? Used the time for your personal growth? Maybe you experienced a shift in what is important to you...what really matters? ? Did you realize you were stronger than you thought? Maybe you barely made it through this year; hardly getting out of bed... and that was good enough! Our hope is that you are able to harvest what you are grateful for, what is good, and if nothing else, just be kind to yourself for making it to 2021. Cultivate self compassion and empathy for others. Look for the helpers. Be a helper if you can.

What may we need in 2021? Self Compassion, good health, peace, equanimity, tolerance and empathy for others... to name just a few. 2021 will be BIG year; the Beginnings of a new time of living together imbued with a sense of balance and respect for our great planet earth. We were made for these times, and we can do this!
Please Prepare For Your Appointment

We are continuing to adhere to strict screening protocols. We will do our very best to insure your good health so you don't feel you are risking viral exposure if you leave your home to get your annual or initial Thermography Screening. We want to assure our clients that our offices are clean, and we are doing everything in our power to protect both YOU and ourselves.

In order to insure your safety, and to follow Thermography Medical Screening Protocols, please be aware of the following:

-We clean the room between each client, making sure to sterilize all surfaces, door handles and equipment.

-We now use disposable paper gowns.

-Clients are asked to wait outside or keep safe social distancing in the waiting room before and after their appointment. We ask that our patients arrive at their scheduled appointment on time so that we can maintain a schedule that allows for physical distancing. Please also be sensitive to leaving when your appointment is finished in order to help support the comfort of the patients scheduled after you.

-We are requiring masks on every patient. If you come in without a mask or simply don't have one, we can give you one. You can keep it on during your breast screenings, but if you are scheduled for a Full Body Scan or Head/Neck Scan then you will be asked to remove the mask temporarily in order to take these particular images.

-We will also be wearing a mask and carefully sanitizing or washing our hands between clients.

Enhance Your Immune Health & Help Prevent or Lessen the Effects of Covid 19

We want you to start your New Year with a strong immune system! Scheduling your annual Thermography screening is a good start! You may also want to consider having a Full Body Scan in order to target areas of your body which may need more support and care. We would like to offer some general health guidelines, specifically geared towards preparing the body for exposure to Covid 19. As always, we strongly advise that you discuss our suggestions with your doctor or holistic healthcare practitioner to be sure our recommendations are the best for your particular health.

Below is a list of basic recommendations to strengthen your immune health while targeting a strong defense against Covid19:

-Increase your VitD3/K2 levels, 2,000-10,000 IU's. Ask your doctor to check your VitD levels.
-Vit C, 500-1,000 mg
-Zinc, 15-30mg (consider taking with copper)
-Melatonin, 3-10mg
-Quercetin, 500 mg
-Magnesium Glycinate, 100-200 mg
-Glutathione (IV therapy if possible)
and daily doses of:
-B Complex
-Honey and Cinnamon (mixed together, 1 teas)
-Olive Leaf Extract
Our Screening Dates are Limited - Schedule Your Annual Screening Now!
For ALL Upcoming Screening Dates:
Santa Monica Thermography Center - Jan 18, 25 and Feb 8
Ojai Thermography Center - Jan 19 & Feb 2
Santa Barbara Thermography Center - Jan 16 and 30th
Thousand Oaks Thermography Center - Jan 20, Feb 3 and Feb 10th
Buellton Thermography Center - Jan 27
Ventura Thermography Center - Jan 21 and Feb 4
San Luis Obispo Center - Jan 28
Morgan Hill Center - Jan 31st
Los Gatos Center - Feb 1
We will won't be screening in March, but will offer screening dates again in April and May!
Experiencing Financial hardship? Need a Discounted Screening? Call Us!
We want to help and know times are difficult. Our goal, as it always has been, at The Thermography Center is to offer support, and discounted screening whenever possible. 2020 proved to be a very challenging year for most of us, and many of us, incredibly challenging financially. And, we certainly are not in the clear yet!
We are a small business with little extra, but we stand on strong ethics and giving back has always been an integral part of The Thermography Center. So, if you need help paying for your annual screening or know of a family member or friend experiencing financial hardship, tell them to call us. We will do our best to offer a sliding scale for those in need. Since the United Breast Cancer Foundation continues to be at a deficit of funds through their program, we will do our best to offer discounted screenings through ours!
And, please call us early to schedule your screening this year...We only have so much money put aside and I'm sure it will go quickly!

What is Breast Thermography?
Breast Thermography can screen for early indications of disease in the breast. You can then halt & reverse symptoms holistically before they become life threatening.

To Vaccinate or Not?
A question our clients have already begin asking us! And, we understand why. With most of our clientele wanting both to act responsibly and carefully in regard to their own health, and for the health of their fellow citizens, it can be a difficult decision to make! We want you to know that we at The Thermography Center want to empower and educate you so that you can make the best decision, not only for your particular health, the health of those around you, but also for the generations to come. That being said, it is vital that you discuss the decision whether to vaccine or not with your holistic healthcare practitioner. We are not able to provide you with medical advice, but rather strive to educate and empower you, with the support of your doctor, to implement the best plan of action.
If you have a compromised immune system, are sensitive to certain drugs, medications and vaccines or don't feel comfortable getting the vaccines that are available, please consider looking into other ways to protect yourself against Covid19.
Dr. Gonzalez at our Thousand Oaks Thermography Center is offering the Ivermectin Protocol. Although we aren't certain how we will proceed when the vaccine becomes available to us, we are excited to have this option. Along with the staff and many of Dr. Gonzalez's patients, we are now trying the Ivermectin Protocol and will keep you posted on how its working!
For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Miguel Gonzalez's office directly or for more information, go to:
"Beyond the Rightness and Wrongness of Things There is a Field, Ill Meet You There" -Rumi

Please take extra good care during these uncertain and challenging times.
Dawn Belden-Hope & Amanda Scharnberg

The Thermography Centers
Thermography is not considered a replacement for other medical imaging which your doctor may advise you to have.