FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Inc.
FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Inc.
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Donnie Parker and the Peaks of Otter Maintenance staff are looking for volunteers to assist them in re-pouring the cement observation platform on the summit of Sharp Top Mountain.

Sharp Top 
This project is scheduled for August 13th and 14th, 2012 and may be completed on the 13 depending on staffing availability. 

Meeting time is 0800 AM at the foot of the Motor

Road / Sharp Top Trailhead on Monday, Aug 13th.

Directions: Milepost 86 of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Accessible year-round from I-81 to the north or US 460 to the south via Route 43.

Donnie Parker is the team
leader / project coordinator and will make both personnel transportation arrangements and assignments to the bus turn around below the mountain

The plan is to pump water to the mixing and pouring point adjacent
to the observation platform. 

Volunteers will need sturdy foot wear,

gloves, insect repellent, sunscreen,  lunch and plenty of drinking water.
This will be a great opportunity for the local Friends Chapter to become
involved in an important visitor safety project in a high profile area of the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

Please direct vip coordination efforts to Donnie at

540-586-4358 or better by email at


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FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway
FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Inc.