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In this newsletter you can read about our village design statement, the Easter Activity Camp, preparations for Earth Day and a  parenting course for parents of 11-16 years old that will run in the community centre. The other big news is that Chairman Michael Carey picked up a cheque  for €250 for our spectacular "Main St." 
 However, if you were to hear the latest news from Wicklow County Council as to what they think about our village you'd understand why we feel we are being taken for morans. To hear more about this and what Wicklow County Council has to say about our village and its appearance importance and heritage, come to the meeting on 
Monday night, April 3rd,  at 8pm in our Community Centre.
All Welcome. But no tea or no biscuits

Village Design Statement in Progress

As a result of the 2020 Vision Meeting in February, a community-led Village Design Statement (VDS) is being compiled. It must involve us all.  
This is a collaborative approach to village planning and design that will give us  a real voice in deciding how our village is planned and shaped for the future.
This report will be prepared in collaboration with the local authority and other stakeholders and may include the following:
(i) The community's shared environmental, cultural and socio-economic vision for our village for the next 15-20 years.
creating a blueprint for the future
(ii) Agreed design principles that relate specifically to the village. These are to be used by the local community, the local authority and other stakeholders to guide in-fill or new local development in or der to ensure that the exist ing character and distinctiveness identified through the VDS process is conserved, celebrated and enhanced.
(iii) An agreed VDS action plan setting out specific and phased projects that should be delivered by the local community and its partners to ensure the effective planning, management and enhancement of its unique features.
If you would like to have your say, bring your ideas to reality, get in touch with us now

Earth Day April 22 

We are planning a big communal clean up on that day. We will also organise something else if we can tear ourselves away from the strategies, application forms and reports. Help needed for the planet now.

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Parents Under Pressure with Adolescents?

A Parents' Plus Adolescents Programme
 will start soon in Newcastle.  This programme supports parents in their valuable role in bringing up teenagers and helping them to grow into confident and well-adjusted adults.  Course suitable for parents of adolescents aged 11-16 years.
Every Friday morning from 9.30 to 12 noon.  Starts May 5th. For more info co
ntactJennifer Jones of Bray Area Partnership 01 286 8266 or email

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Easter Activity Camp   April 18th -  21st 

Tuesday April 18th - Friday  April 21st 2017
From 10am - 1pm each day.
Activities include Basketball, Olympic Handball, Tennis, Football and Unihoc
€35 for one child for the week, €60 for two from same family.
Call Craig 086 404 1125
All of us here at Newcastle Residents' HQ are slogging away  at something. Be it Strategic Plans, A Village Design Statement,  Earth Day, Sporing Clean, Tactical Report or a  Strategic Strategies as part of our 2020 Vision.  We are getting so bleary eyed, we all now need two pairs of glasses. As the least numerically adept person, I have taken on the socio economic profile of Newcastle.  This means trying to make sense of the census.  It's all numbers and I can't add, subtract or multiply.  So I turn these numbers into pictures like these two to understand them.  One shows the steep rise unemployment rates for men and women from 2006 - 2011. Another one indicates the number of people living in Newcastle who left school after primary along side those who have a third level qualification. If these things interest you, well that's great, because I need help. We all need help. So, if you love looking into data and would like to know how many people living in the village speak Irish fluently and claim to use it every day, or have a septic tank, have four cars in their household, or none, well then please volunteer now.  

Wicklow Mobile Library

Will be  Newcastle 10.30 -1100
Tuesday April 4 th
Tuesday April 18 th
To renew or request items from your home PC phone 0879135229. To use online service you need a PIN number so ask staff for details first.


Tell us now how you would like to help
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