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Vol 4, Issue 4December 2014
Dear Clients and Friends: 
It is an honor to have the opportunity once again to wish you all a very happy holiday season! This time around we'd like to share a few throw-back holiday photos and memories with you. We've had such a good time looking back through old photos and thinking about the things that make the holidays special for each of us.

We hope you enjoy this holiday greeting from our team. As always, please feel free to call us with any questions or comments at 412-697-5200.
Nancy, 1962
Age 2 months 
Nancy Skeans
: As a child, one of the things I remember most is the
Nancy and Andrew, 1990
Andrew is 3 months old
Christmas Eve tradition of watching Miracle on 34th Street. This was usually the last thing my sisters and I did before going to bed. Of course, the original was in black and white! When my son was little, he and I started to do the same thing, but the movie was updated, in color, and, of course, had no commercial interruptions because we had a VCR (wow!). The Christmas Eve fun lasted a few years until Andrew found the movie, A Christmas Story. This, of course, was a little boy's Christmas adventure. Even today when he and I are together for the holidays, we find time to watch A Christmas Story together. I still have to watch Miracle on 34th Street.

Beth Lynch:  When I was little we had many Christmas traditions, but the one that is most memorable to me is how we celebrated Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve everyone would come
Beth, 1978
Age 6 
over to our house for dinner. My family of eleven included my parents, my 4 siblings, my sister's boyfriend, my aunt and uncle and my grandmother. We would all eat dinner then head over to my aunt and uncle's house. They lived just a block away so we would all walk there. Well, most of us would. While we were out of the house, Santa would visit our home. Not only that, but he would also pay us a visit at my aunt and uncle's house first. We would sit on his lap and talk to him, and then he would go to our house to leave us our presents. My parents would call and let us know that Santa had left and that we could now make our way back to the house. The house would be full of presents laid everywhere. We would all open gifts and have a blast sitting around the living room watching everyone open theirs. We would then pick out an outfit that we'd just opened from Santa and get dressed for midnight mass. The whole clan would then walk to church with other neighborhood families. Once we returned, the adults would stay up, but my little brother and I would have to head to bed and wait until the morning to play with all of the toys we'd gotten. On Christmas morning, we would have breakfast as a family and then go to another aunt's house and visit with her and my baba (great-grandma). The day would be filled with lots of visiting and more gifts. Needless to say, Christmas was my favorite holiday and time of year!

Vicky Rogers: On this Christmas Eve pictured, my four-year old daughter, Megan woke up with a
Vicky, 1986
small spot on her upper lip and a small spot on her forehead. Since we visit extended family, I called my sister-in-law, Bonnie, a nurse. She said barring any other symptoms, it was probably some type of unspecified dermatitis. Three weeks later every child in the extended family, including 15-month old Meredith (pictured here with me) had chicken pox! Megan's case remained very mild, but poor little Meredith; was awash with spots. No area of her little body was immune from the rash. We still laugh about "Typhoid Megan" infecting the entire family. Luckily, no one suffered lasting effects, but I am good at recognizing the rash now. When our son Mark was born 2 years later, he received the vaccine.

Karen Werley: Without a doubt my favorite memory of the holidays is going to bed with just a plain evergreen tree standing on a platform that held my father's prized Lionel train set in the
Karen, 1963
Age 2 
corner of our living room. No decorations or presents anywhere. When my brother, sister and I would wake up before sunrise on Christmas morning, we were forbidden from taking one step towards the first floor. The three of us, full of excitement, sat together at the top of the stairs while my parents went down first "to be sure Santa had finished." (Years later I know this meant turning on the lights, starting the coffee, and readying the camera.) Once we had permission to proceed, we had to walk slowly to the middle of the staircase, where we remained frozen until my mother had taken a photo of us. While we slept, my parents had completed the Herculean task of decorating the tree, arranging all the gifts and stuffing our stockings. It was magical! These days my family decorates the tree together before Christmas, but to this day I still chase my adult children upstairs late on Christmas Eve so the magic can happen. There was something so special about that first glimpse of the tree, gifts and overflowing stockings hanging from the mantle.

Theresa, 1979; Age 6
Theresa Sekely
: I remember my brothers and I waking up on Christmas morning and peeking into my parents' room to see if they were still sleeping. We would then go to the basement door to find it was locked! We would sneak around the house, quietly, yet just loud enough to make sure our parents heard us. Once the whole family was awake, we would start the morning with a room full of presents and spend the rest of the day playing with our new toys. 

John Anke: It's hard to pinpoint one specific holiday memory that stands out. The one common theme is that many of the memories
John, 1979
Age 2 
revolve around family and our traditions. I reflect warmly on the wonderful Christmas holidays spent with my parents, sisters and extended family. There were special Christmas Eves spent at Grandma E's house on 9th Street in Erie. We sure packed her house with my mom's six brothers and sisters and my many cousins. This special evening was followed by special moments at home with my parents and sisters. Soon after opening presents, we always made the trip to Pittsburgh to continue the celebration with my dad's family. That time always started with a ham sandwich on Mancini's bread with my cousins. When I look back, it is clear that the holidays were always a blessed and wonderful time. I hope my kids can one day reflect on their holidays and have the same fond memories. 

This is the 2014 holiday photo of John Anke's children, Jackson and Reagan. Even though is isn't a throwback holiday photo, we thought they were just too cute to leave out!

Baby news! 
Julie Ann McMillan is now a very proud mama! We are excited to announce that Margaret Rose Elizabeth (Maggie) arrived on December 5. Everyone is happy and healthy and looking forward to this first holiday together.


The Schneider Downs Wealth Management Team

Don, Nancy, Beth, John, Vicky, Theresa, Karen and Julie Ann.

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