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Vol 1, Issue 1 December 2010
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Yes, Virginia, There Is a Recovery!Skeans

It has been over two years since the financial crisis rocked the U.S. economy. Within a matter of months, consumers stopped spending, corporations cancelled projects, the unemployment rate shot up, banks failed, and well, you know the rest of that story. But that story has ended, the recovery is real and the economy is healing.

We have been watching economic indicators for signs of an improving economy. As early as the third quarter of 2009, the signs were beginning to appear. One example is that manufacturing began to show expansion as measured by the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), but consumer confidence and business confidence remained weak in 2009. Jobs were still being lost, and foreclosures began to skyrocket.

While 2010 has felt like a mad game of push me - pull you, the underlying trend has been up. Yes, up. Here are some of the most recent numbers to support that this recovery is worth believing in. The ISM Manufacturing Index registered 56.6 in November, the second-fastest rate in the past six months. (Anything over 50 signifies expansion.) The Non-Manufacturing Index rose to 55 in November showing that the service sector rebound continues after a slight summer swoon. Although not enough to improve the jobs picture, third quarter GDP was revised up to 2.5%. The fourth quarter GDP should be slightly higher, and estimates for 2011 are now between 3% and 4%. Consumer confidence has also moved higher, and it is not surprising that we are seeing this reflected in improving restaurant, retail and auto sales. The U.S. equity markets have also been moving up. Generally, a rising equity market has been an indicator of improving corporate earnings and an improving economy.

We are optimistic that the signs are indicating a sustainable recovery. We do not know more than Mr. Bernanke. He is still voicing doubts. But the action of the Federal Reserve adds another reason to believe that the recovery is real. The Federal Reserve has launched a second round of Treasury purchases in an effort to keep interest rates low and support the economy through its soft patches. Low interest rates and low inflation have historically been a catalyst for economic growth. No, history does not always repeat, but it usually rhymes. As for the icing on the cake, it may be the "tax compromise" that President Obama announced on December 6.

It is time to start believing in the recovery and looking forward to the expansion that may be peeking over the horizon.

Advisor Vault Update
We introduced our electronic delivery system in late 2008. Since then we've had good response and usage. After two years, a little housekeeping may be in order. When you log in, you will be greeted with all of your unread documents. If you are not current, you may have a backlog of files. Just take a minute to open the reports which will flag these to remove them from your unread folder.

Your SDWMA reports are archived for your convenience. Go to "My Documents." Click on the "Investments" portfolio and then "Portfolio sub folder." You will see all available quarterly reports here. The file protocol for report distribution requires us to name the files in a specific manner. Unique identifier or account number first, followed by the date generated. You can sort by hovering over the column header (type, name, modified, etc.). A dropdown arrow will appear to the right of the heading allowing you to choose your sort order.

Don't forget that you can use the vault to upload your own documents as well as share specific documents with other professionals. It is a safe, secure way of delivering data electronically. If you want to get started, email Vicky Rogers for more information.
The SD PFS Team at Schneider Downs Wealth Management Advisors wishes you a safe and happy holiday season. Thank you for reading.

Don, Nancy, Beth, Patrick, Theresa, Vicky, Karen and Nancy
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